Bam! Cartridge mapper 7 (AxROM) done, and now I get awesome Battletoads action


Had a look at MMC5, and that thing is crazy.

_TWO_ extra audio channels?! And scanline counting, IRQs, and tons of other crazy stuff... yikes.

But I really want Castlevania 3 running...

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Doing mapper 69 (nice) instead, because Batman Return of the Joker is meant to be an awesome game.

Hmm... the PRG-ROM bank switching has a problem... but I really have nfi where/why/how...

It could be a bug in the CPU, but wow if I've gotten this far into the emulator without triggering it (afaict), then wow.

Mapper 69 progress: Only the bottom half of the B in Batman is being displayed, and it's in the wrong position, and it's using the wrong palette, but it's better than the great big nothing that I had before.

Apparently there are some behavioural differences between certain FME-7 cartridges, depending on whether or not they used battery-backed RAM.

Success! (kind of)

A lot of the game is working properly, but there are IRQ timing issues, which makes sense because I just kinda hacked the IRQ counting in.

The flickering is annoying and not meant to happen though. Hmm 😞

It's less flickery in the actual emulator than the gif shows, but still flickery enough.

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