It's really disappointing to see the Common Lisp and Clojure communities shit on each other's Lisp's. And for stupid reasons, e.g. "Clojure doesn't have cons cells, so it's not really a Lisp at all", and "Clojure won't be around in 10 years anyway, ho ho ho".

This attitude fractures communities, and helps nobody.

@ltriant The first stupid reason helped me understand more about Clojure. 😅


I would not label the first sentence as "stupid" instead i think this could be one of the key difference between these two languages, but i can see, someway, that written this way could be considered not very informative. :)

I totally agree with the rest of your message, though! :)


PS: i know near nothing about clojure (i never used it except reading some others'code)

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