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I'll do an post again, since it's been a couple of years since I was here.

I'm Luke, and I'm a software engineer from Australia. I'm married, I have 2 kids, and they are the best.

I care about social issues around equality, privacy, and decentralisation.

I use Clojure, Python, and TypeScript for work. I also use Rust, Nim, Zig, and a little ReScript on the side.

Woodstock 99 Documentary 

Watched the Woodstock 99 documentary on Netflix the other night.

I always remember the festival had problems, but I had no idea the extent of them!

What a clusterfuck!

I’m so sick of programming language wars. At the point where I don’t even read the posts anymore.

Just downvote and move on.

As 'Action Fans' attack #PreyMovie as unrealistic for having women warriors, consider that women fought on the front lines in #indigenous non-patriarchal cultures, like Hawaii, but the White Man's World has fought to erase this from history, like our languages.

Making my own Forth has been on my list of fun projects for several years now.

As has a simple BASIC.

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Post-apocalyptic Programming.

This was a super fun journey from zero to a functional Forth on a small microcontroller!

Still working my way through the Learn OpenGL website... At this point I'm only doing the lessons that I find interesting, since the topics in the advanced sections are fairly standalone.

Nim has actually been really good for this. I'll probably write up my thoughts and experiences with Nim and OpenGL towards the end of the year.

deps.edn and are great. I don't know why I'd ever go back to using Leiningen...

child, wondering where trash goes: well someone must have thought of a good solution for all this

adults: we put it into very large holes and then put dirt on top

child: even the plastic?

adults: especially the plastic

child: oh my god

Today I wrote lots of Clojure code, and it made me happy.

Added some more stuff to my shitposting Discord bot... my friends should enjoy this.

Things I wish for Python: filter was a method on a list, rather than a function.

How much nicer would this look:

"Hello world".split().filter(lambda c: c != ' ')

Or at least, I hate the way that agile is implemented in many places

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For people who want to know where everything is up to, having the option to find that out on their own is fine.

But not everybody does.

And changing the entire team's process so that _everyone_ ends up being told about everything whether they like it or not will just piss people off.

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Bad agile is thinking that everyone in the entire team needs to have up-to-date knowledge of where _everything_ is up to _all the time_

Data Privacy in Post Roe World 

My feelings about Roe's being overturned have largely been frustration and anger, but I only just now have been able to process the data privacy realities.

This article shared by @danslerush just hit me over the head - now the government can have a legal basis for demanding data on who has sought an abortion. The apps on our devices are huge sources of data about us.

* Period trackers provide data on pregnancy
* Any app that tracks and retains location data can reveal where you've been
* Search engines track search history
* Browsers and ISPs can record what websites you've visited

For people in repressive countries, this is daily life. But now, in the U.S., this act which has been treated as a constitutional right for 50 years is now illegal in many states, and our phones are a potential vulnerability.

Watching Westworld again from season 1. I loved every scene with Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright in it. So much great dialogue!

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