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Polyamour project idea, federation 

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I like the idea of, but the interface is not so nice.
What I'd like:
- describe relations to people
- show relations as a graph with more/less details
- I can connect people with accounts (federation Yay) somewhere and allow them to view details/depth of my relations
- I can add details to other people/relations to better remember stuff

That way I can add as much detail for myself into the system and share as little as I'd like

Ron Gilbert is making a new Monkey Island game, and it will be out this year - Image: Terrible Toybox

Turns out Ron Gilbert’s Apr... -

✨️ Mein neuer Webcomic! 🎉️

Gerade frisch erschienen - „Contra Chrome“:


Untertitel: Warum #Google​s Browser #Datenschutz und #Demokratie gefährdet.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegane Piranhas und alles, was ihr immer schon über #Chrome wissen wolltet aber nie zu fragen wagtet!

Online lesen oder kostenlos downloaden. In jedem Fall viel Spaß! 😊

Und wenn der #Comic euch gefällt, bitte boosten, tweeten, weitersagen!

#comics #webcomic #webcomics #kunst

Once my favourite GM had given us a history of the setting they intended to run and asked us all to submit 5 questions, in secret, to define what our characters knew beyond that. I was both very proud and *very* disturbed to be told that I was the *only* player to have submitted *any* "why" questions (I only had those) and would get the most thorough answers. I decided then and there that my character was to be utterly disillusioned and depressed regarding other people...

Dove into some random Pen&Paper-RPG stuff... I could really use a good , , or one-off now... , , or 2nd Edition acceptable substitutes... *sigh* Being an with an international career means I have zero friends (left; after starting to move all the time), which suits me just fine, but is *inconvenient* at times like this... *grumble*

And dare no one suggest I read about the wayland protocol instead. I am decidedly in grumpy old unix graybeard mood today :vim:

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/me snuggles up on the couch, under a blanket, watching the snow fall outside, a cup of tea steaming on the side table, and reading the X Window System Protocol. :blobcat:

While speaking at the European Parliament, I once asked “I keep hearing about markets… what are we, the Ferengi Alliance or the European Union? Why aren’t we talking about fundamental rights? Human rights? Democracy?”

We must reframe our priorities.

#EU #HumanRights #Democracy