@shahaan Reminds me of a former employer that had a big (internal) poster campaign about the impact of "CBT"... Cross-Border Trade...

Sorry for the fediverse hiatus, started a new job and was kind of busy :-P

@vantablack If "sagitta" is anything but a (bow and/or) arrow I'm going expeditio with a very pointy pilum... Just saying...

My name is Lawrence, I'm a geek, and I cuddle little rescues, subby or not, and other creatures of all sorts =^_^= ;-) :-P

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minds are amazing things... now I am digging into rpg-dice making and my mellow, loving daddy-dom energy is spreading into my fondness for good rpgs and playing with excellent friends, who I now miss almost as much as lovers of yore. . I doubt I'll ever be bored just observing my own brain act...

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Aaaaand the bottle is empty (was about one third full)... and stuck in that interesting place between curiousity, nostalgia, and unconditional love for complex, complicated sapient and sentient entities. Not complaining, just observing myself and unable to stop myself from chuckling good-naturedly. Few regrets, if I have one piece of advice to give, it is: Above all, to thine own self be true. My self happens to love caring for small creatures that trust me enough to cuddle up to me. =^_^=

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@evelyn I wish more people recognized exactly this... But then: It's a fight to get devs to care about the licenses of their direct dependencies...

(Damnit, now I am thinking about all those awesome people that were part of my once... I've rarely parted on bad terms and that means I very much still *love* every single one of them. Protector/Parent-Dom-Problems, I guess *sigh*... Hope all of you are safe and happy... And never hesitate to call me if you need a sympathetic shoulder or good caning '-/ *sigh* Drunk tooting...)

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*eyes a proper 5 or 6 axis cnc with lewd thoughts* Good thing I am poly... ;-)

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*looks fondly at Norbert, the 3d printer, happily spewing fire/melted plastic in the corner*

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@pleb@hunk.city @nosleep@bae.st @essie @shibao I'm not impressed unless one of them manages to hold that position *while* having an orgasm (Thinking about the last time I myself tried "sex against the wall" :-P)

Slightly lewd 

@FrazzledBrynn That related to "warm kitty, soft kitty"? =^_^=

I *know* it's hard for other neurotypes to relate, but the sheer pleasure of learning about intricate details of a given technique, without the distractions of the external world interrupting or, worse, annoying me all the time is near priceless. Almost like getting into *true* hyperfocus and certainly a source of joy for me at least...

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An evening spent learning about my geeky special interest du jour (in this case injection molding as an outgrowth of 3d printing, cnc machining, silicone moulds, resins, etc...) with one of my favourite vices. I'm not condoning nor recommending substance abuse, but, damn, I feel extremely comfortable in my skin right now, which is kinda rare these days =^_^=

@Natanox @noiob I think you've hit on the reason for me feeling "left out" there... It's a console gamer's list and I am *mostly* a PC gamer.

@noiob @Natanox Well, you were right about me being old, but that list includes many series that started decades ago... e.g. GTA. What bugs me is that it seems to equate "being a gamer" with playing mostly twitch-fests and the odd RPG. It's missing whole genres... (which happen to be my favs, obviously)

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