chillin' to some b-sides, thinking about writing a -accessible implementation. The inherent "streaminess" ought to work well for this, no? What does the think?

Was thinking about making an mastodon client using gemini. Not sure which server or code base to use though

@wmd As a kind of proxy/frontend? Run the client on a sever from where it can access the HTTP MastoAPI, but offers its UI via gemini? Interesting thought :-) I was approaching things the other way around, implement a full ActivityPub server, which *incidentally* offers a gemini UI. So I was thinking "from scratch", either in PHP (most familiar) or Rust (most interested in getting better at), but no frameworks, only what comes with the base install :-)

Yeah like how the mastodon webinterface is a JavaScript client connecting to the server, but more server side.

Would you implement gemini from scratch in rust or use an existing library? Or use cgi?

Was thinking of doing rust, but mainly don't want to implement the tls client auth

@wmd From scratch, if I can. I've implemented other low-ish level protocols before and tls would be a neat little subproject. I'm obviously in it for fun and learning, not creating production-ready stuff (got to do that for a day job :-P)

Cool, if you want to do it in rust, would love to see your code :)

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