A friend and I are developing a planner based around both planning and tracking, and we are trying to see how many people currently do this. Please take a minute to answer these 10 quick questions on tracking. goo.gl/forms/53of0ydjdZwgLS602

Blogged: Creating a NuGet package is an excellent way to zip up and redistribute your class libraries, but there are a few details about versioning to sort out before that process is streamlined and effortless. whereslou.com/2018/09/versioni

New feature on status.mastodon.technology/ – finally done tweaking it – When we are in a maintenance window, you'll be able to tell at a glance, as the site will have a pinkish background.

If you want to scrape to see if we're in maintenance or not, the outer html tag will have class="maintenance" set on it (which is what flips the bg color in the first place).

OH at planning meeting: Sorry, can you repeat that? I got distracted by a gif of a kitten.

Type type type... Other stuff... Type type type... Other stuff... Type type type... Other stuff... <- Me for the past 30 years

It's late. I'm awake. I'm working from home tomorrow so will probably sleep in late. Kind of need to get back to a place where I'm waking up on time in the morning. Ah well.

OK, I stood up a rudimentary bot to pull the RSS feed from the US NOAA National Hurricane Center. You can find it at @HurricaneBot

I don't normally ask for such things, but I'd appreciate a boost on this one. Hopefully it will be a help to someone.

@maloki Look at that! I boosted even though you didn't ask me to!

I'm not going to boost if I agree! I'll only boost of I want to boost and it doesn't ask me to boost!


I needed to create versioned .zip and .tar.gz files from each build of a console app project I'm working on. Wrote a blog post about it. whereslou.com/2018/09/producin

- I'm gonna cheat and reuse my bio: NET developer, OSS author, throws pottery, works at as an architect on the team, helped build and

I'm interested in connecting if any any or devs are kicking around in the fediverse. I'm on birdsite also, but ya know, it's a different place.

I'll probably also share links to blog articles I write. Hope you don't mind.


Last year I made a sandwich bread recipe that was super good and thought I had lost it forever. Today, I found my bread recipe!!!!

I immediately wrote it down in my current pocket notebook and have also scanned it into my phone. If you want some REALLY good sandwich bread and you like baking, this is my gift to you.

I think I might start blogging again... Maybe... "Well, I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m not really a fan of mock libraries for unit test code. I think they’re the wrong kind of lazy."


@ashfurrow hi, just joined Mastodon, but I've been online for a while and have a few experiences hosting community spaces and whatnot. I was curious if your instance has any policy statements, code of conduct and the like yet? If not I'd suggest looking at the Django one as a basis. I've used it before, is nice, and is licensed with creative commons. djangoproject.com/conduct/

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