Once I do (in the coming hours/days/weeks) I'll try to refollow everyone, import stuff, etc and make it clear it is me from a new location. Thankfully Mastodon does allow you to "flag" your account as "moved to X" in the settings

Will likely move to another existing instance *initially* just so I've got somewhere to be, whether temporary or permanent

Contemplating the best option for migrating to a new instance. Self-hosting, a few nice small strongly-moderated instance options, etc.

Decentralization is simultaneously a downside and upside sometimes.

@ashfurrow thank you for everything, completely understandable. wishing the best for you and your family. it has been nothing less than wonderful to have this as my mastodon "home" for years now

It appears Boost Mobile was extremely throttling Apple servers and audio streaming (like podcasts) to the point they were basically unusable. Changing providers instantly resolved those issues for me.

It took longer and was more difficult to extract my account number from Boost customer service than it was to completely switch providers afterwards.

Moved from Boost to Mint for phone service today and I'm surprised at how fast the number ported and the new service activated.

Okay, leg/knee definitely seems to have improved some. Still gonna take some time but no longer in constant pain and I feel strong enough to walk relatively fast on it (with an aid)

3rd good knee day :happycat:

i have been able to avoid "constant pain" states

still limp a bit, still need to be careful, again could be temporary, but thank fuck things are improving

Not going to assume it's anything more than temporary but have had a couple of good leg/knee days this weekend after my last couple of rounds of PT. Here's hoping this is a good sign moving forward.

@victor don't let that stop you. post, post until all the posts have been posted! i mean, imagine not posting :sadcat:

sorry for the tootstorm
my body is filled with the fuel of the gamers (their tears)

really enjoying some neat self-portraits i made on my phone (iOS 16's background removal thing makes for a great starting point for some sweet editing)

would like to share them but it would obliterate my semi-anonymity on mastodon and not sure i'm ready for that (as if anyone would care enough that it would matter though, but still i do value some level of personal OpSec)

i suppose my pain maybe has improved some it's just difficult to gauge the amount of improvement, when it can still be impactful enough to be distracting from work, life, etc

quick leg/knee update: more physical therapy, mobility way better, pain not really any better (wtf).

i am definitely stronger and progressing in PT but honestly would like to stop having to be dependent on NSAIDs+Tylenol for pain relief

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