Putting my foot down. No more competitive gaming, including Rocket League.

If I game with friends, co-op only. If I game alone, singleplayer only. I am missing out on some great singleplayer experiences because I’ve been giving in to the “rush” of competitive gaming.

The “rush” isn’t worth it anymore. The hit of dopamine is all it is. It’s just a button I push to create brain chemicals. The other side of it is I always come out of competitive gaming feeling “worse” in my overall well-being. Yikes.

@lotus42 I've always hated the very idea of competitive gaming. It boils down to my expectation that when I play a video game, I want it to be fun. Since I hate competition for competition's sake ("Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."), I knew competitive gaming was a lose from the start.

Fortunately, there are plenty of games where I don't have to deal with that junk. Almost all are single-player, offline types.

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