tertiary lobster fork

I will give Google VERY slight kudos for responding (rather quickly) to feedback and adding control / changing browser behavior somewhat based on that feedback. (See: blog.google/products/chrome/pr)

That said, the kind of incentives and ideas that cause a company to push in this direction in the first place, only to step back after a backlash, still makes me uneasy. I don't doubt this kind of thing will continue to happen.

I'm not tinfoil-hat-level anti-Google but I don't think they're a fit for me anymore.

@lotus42 The only reason that they responded so quickly is because they got caught and there was a backlash.

It's unfortunate that the only people that really care about this are techies and not the general Chrome using public who wouldn't have noticed the difference.

But, slowly and surely, Google is chipping away at the trust that is given to them by their users. I am not sure they realize how much they are tarnishing their image and if they realize it, how much they actually care that they are doing that.

Like the saying goes, trust is hard to win, easy to lose. At some point they will realize (hopefully) they can't keep doing this kind of stuff. Maybe that day will be when there is a noticeable decline in their daily/monthly active users or a decline in revenue.
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