I think Borderlands 3 is a game I can only enjoy watching others play.

I think Twitch has ruined me, honestly. But a lot of games anymore, when played- I can feel the "skinner box" of them very quickly and my brain loses all interest.

But if I watch someone else play it for some reason I avoid that feeling, because I'm not the one in the box.

So weird. But it's just true. How I feel when gaming is changing as time goes... evolving.

after work, at home, can't find the energy to get off my ass and do anything but just chill and then go to bed

People have been really generous with gift subs on Twitch lately ☺️

Trying to figure out if Borderlands 3 is worth buying. It looks enticing, but it sorta feels just like going through the motions when looking at it... a lot of games are that way for me anymore.

Another looty FPS that's exactly like every other BL just with some nice upgrades.


Asking a vendor for technical help multiple times and getting a sales-y response instead of answers is ridiculous, especially when the company already pays for a service contract with said vendor.

My mastodon timeline has really quieted down lately. Where did everyone go?

Culled my music library and removed the majority of artists that I've come to find had some pretty questionable ties / associations to terrible people.

It sucks that some of the best music in certain genres ends up being created by bad people. I thought for the longest time I could separate art and artist, but I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with that anymore.

It's been an internal debate for a long time and while I've found what I think is a good line to draw for myself, I still am not sure.

partial nihilism is annoying
at least commit

heat death of the universe or bust

though i can simultaneously hope for things to get better and try to bring that into existence while also hoping the earth swallows us whole

we got options

Javascript is the English of programming languages

- kludged-together clusterfuck
- many decisions were made to keep compatibility with old versions despite that not really making sense
- a whole lot of arcane logic that only makes sense if you really drive into the history of it
- bad to do math in
- basically everyone needs to know it at least a little
- lingua franca because the predominant powers on Earth just so happen to use them

Hrm, I can't seem to mute accounts, mute instances, or turn off boosts from accounts... I do it and then on refresh it resets 🤨

Just using the web app...

dammit i thought gift subs were also 50% off during subtember. they should do that sometime, i would be far more inclined to drop a sub bomb in some twitch channels

mental health (+?), sexual 

This is kind of weird but I run into accounts whose toots I want to mute, but don't want to mute their faves or replies to me or others.

There's no way to get this granular is there?

the internet is truly going into another dark age where where users are entirely unjustifiably corralled into using certain browsers. skype web blocks me from using it because im not using edge or chrome, but changing my user agent allows it to work fine. fuck computers

Hotels.com announces:

"From 11/27/2019, there’ll be a redemption fee of $5 for every reward night redeemed" (unless you use the mobile app)

They sure do have an odd sense of what "reward" means


The trade war will result in basically zero production moving to the US. It's fucking dumb.

Production will just move to other cheap countries.

No problem will be solved and things will (at least temporarily) be more expensive.

What a fucking waste of policy and time, but what can we expect from the bumbling anti-intellectuals that run this country

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