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for the record, i'm generally in a better mental state than my mastodon posts would portray

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The only house I can afford is the item in Final Fantasy I

how about not delivering a religious tract with my grubhub order?


really sick of dealing with blue screen issues, more and more PCs are seeing them and they appear to be related to a combo of drivers and potentially windows build, but driver update doesn't seem to solve it

nearlyfreespeech, uspol, antiracism this is a fantastic middle finger and maybe i'll just quote that last paragraph into every ToS document i have access to

console exclusive eh?
well i guess you won't mind if i emulate your shit on PC then
can't consider it a lost sale


Pettiest man in the universe no longer president?
Thank FUCK


the fact that the capitol rioters didn't get pardoned is just so delicious

exercised my batch file (and web search) muscles today, that was enjoyable

maybe cringe (sry) but wholesome / *swoon* 

this is somewhat rare for me but ever see someone and just kinda instantly melt inside because they are somehow just crushingly beautiful?

superficial of me, i suppose, but not meant in any weird or lewd way- just a wholesome way

well that happened. <insert melt emojo>

Me in 2000: MPAA and RIAA can bite it.

Me in 2021: MPAA and RIAA can bite it.


fucking tired of milquetoast democrats
there are a lot of them

they will give up anything and everything to republicans
to get a small single morsel of something in return

fuck you

i hate it when i make zero obvious changes and a problem goes away

now i have no idea what stopped it and what to do to keep it from coming back


phpmailer is so much better than just regular old php webform submissions

playing POE again (never got into it seriously) to try out the new league mechanic

the thing i dont like about these games is how "gamed out" and "meta" they get.

i don't like making a build that is the same as everyone else. so instead, i am blindly assigning skill points just as a casual player, because i'd rather it being unique to me than min/max'd


"Post-truth is pre-fascism" — Timothy Snyder

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