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I don't suppose I've ever formally posted an introduction. I am ex-religious, left-wing, and in my mid 30s. I've slowly come to the realization I am not straight after thinking so my whole life.

I am a fledgling linux sysadmin by day. I am into consuming and creating music, photography, lyrics/poems. I can't escape being a techie. Into video games but hesitate to be called a "gamer". Into synthwave, satanic, and cute aesthetics. I like text-based, efficient stuff.

whether you buy cookies at the store or make them yourself

either way you need dough

Pretty sure my LTS 20.04 Kubuntu laptop at work somehow upgraded itself to non-LTS 21 without my consent, but it may have been my fault and I just can't recall a change or something... :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

ugh i swear like 10 minutes ago it was 7pm and now it's 11pm. i hate that time just dissolves in front of me constantly and i don't get things done that i mean to get done. oh well.

I want Intel GPUs to succeed so we have a third player in the market and one with promised linux support. The competition and price pressure on the AMD/Nvidia duopoly would be helpful.

As bad as their initial showing has been though, I begin to wonder if executives aren't already thinking of cutting their losses and running because of bad PR

Oof, Intel's ARC GPUs have had a very unstable start... not looking good at the moment. The drivers have been abysmally bad.

I often take Linus Tech Tips for what it is. I enjoy it because I have the right expectations. He's a doofus, it's his character (and real life...).

However, the episode he devoted to seeing "how framework laptops are coming along a year later" he did a bunch of upgrades / changes / etc all WITHOUT using the company's own goddamn guides.

It just gets old when he becomes an shining example of what NOT to do. They pointed this out in the video multiple times at least but ugh...

anyway I wanted a lenowo logo for my bootsplash but I could not find a nice one so I made some myself

Attachment 2 to this post is an SVG of the Lenowo logo, and attachment 3 is an SVG of the LenOwO logo. Consider them CC0 🅭🄍

whoever called it shrapnel instead of sharpnel really fucked up

Editing photos on Linux is a bummer. Currently considering:
- Use iPad mini (already owned) + Affinity Photo and other apps
- Get an M1 11" iPad Pro (excuse to upgrade?)
- Get an M1 Mac Mini (don't really have room for this...)
- Use a Windows PC with a lower-end graphics card in another room and/or remote into it (not the greatest for graphic quality so meh)


If I do get the M1 Mac or iPad Pro I could trade my existing iPad mini in for nearly $200 towards the purchase

Just now learning that the i7-10700 I've had for a couple of years now gets overclocked way too hard automatically by most motherboard manufacturers.

I was wondering why the fuck it was running so warm (has a enormous HSF on it)... it's because motherboards decided to compete against each other in benchmarks by completely abandoning recommended power limits

more performance can be nice, but the problem with unlimited power is WILD inefficiency (most of the power goes to heat not performance)

project idea: T9 for PCs so you can type on your computer using just a numpad. that way, keyboard enthusiasts can make even smaller, even less convenient keyboards

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