*opens new tab to website dot com*
3 minutes later
*realizes there's already a tab open to website dot com*

I don't know how much of the Home/Local timelines show replies back and forth between two people you follow, but if I just absolutely wrecked someone's timeline with a semi-private conversation, sorry about that. Just looking at my "Home" timeline and realizing the wall of text that now exists there lol

My network has been working so flawlessly since I got my Edgerouter and AP that I haven't had to log into the admin interfaces at all. I almost forgot my networking equipment existed- and that's really how it should be.

I wish I could really push myself to get off my ass and record some songs for once. I've been saying I'll do it for years and keep putting stuff off. Goddamn.

My "zone" is in writing/playing music. I feel like I missed out on an alternate life where I could have been a touring musician and instead am stuck in an endless existence of IT support.


In a writing mood, but nowhere to really post it. I've thought about write.as or some other option, but everything feels so "deserted, isolated blog island" or "not appropriate for this length of content". Yet again, missing what Tumblr had created in its heyday. We need an open-source copy of Tumblr.

Mastodon doesn't exactly feel like the right place to post lyrics, songwriting/poetry, etc either... 😕

Getting a solid tech find at Goodwill is always a thrill. Got a great condition Samsung 17" 1280x1024 monitor which will fit my retro emulation machine perfectly... for $4

I trained a neural network on 1,228 types of cookies and apparently these are what cookies sound like to it.

I'm generally not a console gamer (haven't had one since N64 and PS1, play PC instead) but... all this smash bros shit is making me want a switch. Especially bc it's really clever (for instance, the opponents you fight when you play MM reference MM games/lore) and looks like it has a pretty good singleplayer mode again.

That and I want to play Octopath Traveler and possibly other games that will be exclusive. This is the first nintendo console I haven't been sour on since the N64. Hated all the Wii shit.

If you use framework X and cut your dev time significantly but your user experience and performance dies as a result, I don't see how that's worth it. I keep seeing sentiments that imply that devs are more important than users and I don't like it at all.

pitch black
far beyond what we can see
draw me to them somehow

Found an alternate player extension for live Twitch streams. Would love to build an extension or program that plays Twitch VODs using an alternate video player.

Twitch's players are atrocious

How did I not know about the band GUNSHIP already?! 😮

I am almost sad to admit now that I would prefer Microsoftchromium over actual Chrome

Maybe it won't have all the stupid auto sign-in bullshit

I do wish there was a decent replacement for Tumblr. Something about the post length and blog design, but with social network features just works.

I think there's a place for a network like that. It works well for posting art, poetry, photography, songwriting, longer blog posts, and the ability to like (and reblog) really helps things gain traction.

I do miss the good days I had on Tumblr. Have actually quite a few lasting friendships that started there. It got me through a long weird period of my life.

Quora: You need to do this unnecessary sign-in to view answers to this question.

Quora December 2018: Your personal data that we didn't need to collect in the first place has been stolen

Tumblr: We have an idea, let's let loose a half-baked bullshit "AI" and see what it tags NSFW and take a bunch of people's SFW blogs and posts down for no good reason

Great idea. At some point can we realize that black-box algorithms and neural networks and AI-related shit are still mostly just buzzword BS- yet still used by companies in their relatively poor state to enact significant effects on products and people?

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