also, writing lyrics and recording/writing music is something i love doing but i never give myself the time, energy or space to do

it's one of the few things that gets me in a "natural high" state of mind- one of the purest experiences on earth available to me, and yet i don't make time for it. feels fucking dumb to do that when life is so goddamn short.

i need to stop being the "start project, never finish" "give up on passions because too lazy / not enough energy" person... oooof

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i've been listening to metal so much for so long that i've really been giving all other music not the space it deserves in my life, because i really do love all sorts of other music

in fact, most of my own music that i create in my head or the lyrics i write- tend to all mostly be inspired by non-metal music anyway. i also realize how "up to date" i stay on metal releases but not on anything else- there's all sorts of new music out there that i haven't even remotely known about..

time to switch over...


welp night number two of Ultram/Ultracet not doing a damn thing for my pain, this may be the worst it has felt so far.

might not sleep at all tonight again. going to possibly call the doctor's office tomorrow and tell them and see what they suggest. maybe i am the 3-10% of the population that has no activity on the receptors/enzyme that Tramadol affects

goddamn this is getting annoying. not sure i can do this for two weeks while waiting for the tooth extractions.


Hot sauce is either going to be a great idea or a terrible one for a toothache (nerve related) maybe it will kill the nerve? πŸ˜‚

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Maybe it just takes forever to kick in when you're fat πŸ˜‘

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mfw when the prescription narcotic isn't killing the pain? πŸ˜³πŸ˜“

this antibiotic (unless it's a weird placebo thing) is already making me feel a bit weird and off.. and that's before adding the painkiller


cheesecake and painkillers

it's either the name of my new album or how i'm spending my evening. (safely, don't worry, tooth stuff)

teeth health 

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Welp tooth situation not improving so going to have to see dentist tomorrow for possibly emergency tooth removal.

It's like all my worst fears combined. Money, insurance, pain, dentists/doctors...

Accidentally bit into something unexpectedly hard in a meal I was eating and now there's some pretty moderate pain going on near a tooth/corner of mouth. Don't see damage, probably small cut or inflamed it, but damn.

Hoping it won't require doctor/dentist but occasionally it hurts pretty wildly. It seems to come in waves?

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