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for the record, i'm generally in a better mental state than my mastodon posts would portray

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The only house I can afford is the item in Final Fantasy I

i dont like teams

but after using skype for business for work communication for years..

i'll easily take teams. at least teams can handle, you know.... text and links, unlike skype which barely handles anything

so sad, if i open Teams in Edge and run it there, or use Edge's "install this website as an app" thinger

... both of these make Teams *incredibly* faster than their desktop Electron app...

oof ouch ah

why did djent have to ever catch on outside of meshuggah

seems like compared to other metal genres it has an absolute dearth of shit

no i don't want to eat your prog salad

i like my ubiquiti products but they are a sleazy, tone-deaf company that i regret supporting

just like every other tech company whose products i use

survived windows 11 install
was a bit bumpy but solveable

modern standby is a buggy fucking mess of shit and it's microsoft's fucking fault

Considering self-spitefully upgrading to Windows 11 because it may push me to Linux

Windows 11 is a new coat of paint on an increasingly user-hostile code base

random update. doing fine.

just have not felt any impetus to post, idk why

not feeling perfect, but fever and most symptoms finally gone or very mild. finally.

i wish there was some cheat code to restore my sense of smell and taste

because right now both are 100% gone

i consistently encounter musicians/bands that most people already know about, that i just never gave the time of day (for all sorts of potential reasons) in the past, and realize they have some great songs that for whatever reason i just missed out on

i don't really mind the belated discovery though

-ph, but also a haiku 

just might have covid
definitely have symptoms
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Huge happenings at work. Gonna be a sysadmin for the first time ever, no longer a contractor, and probably effectively making double what I do now

fuck whatever prudish capitalism has caused this onlyfans shit

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