You’ve heard of shower beers. But what about shower vodka?

There's a Link's Awakening 3D remake coming to Switch in 2019 😱

I'm not a console gamer. Especially haven't had love for Nintendo consoles for a long time.

But they're REALLY trying hard now

this year on, forever
deep in the mist
a buddha

Why is it so hard to make a robust MDM solution? Both airwatch and BES have not been great experiences

Trying to figure out and deal with the longer term implication of my family member's passing. I have far more bills now than before. Lots of stuff to figure out regarding belongings. Now that I am the only occupant of this place, there's a lot of rearranging and reorganizing I would like to do over time.

It's so much easier to just work sleep and forget about it all but it's going to constantly hang over me until I start to make headway through it all.

Not to mention the flashbacks, the dreams, the grief

Notification column keeps defaulting to Mentions tab 😕

Fastmail at the level I need is exactly the price of one Twitch subscription. Why do I keep putting it off like it is expensive 🤔

Finally like 95% off of Google Hangouts. Gmail might be next.

Rebranding a company is a sure way to cause a nightmarish web of technical problems to hang around for a while

Facebook comment tells punk rocker to "keep politics" out of his music

:thonk: :thounking: 🤔 :thonkan:


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Both Twitter and Medium share two things in common:

- Founders
- A business strategy of using developers and apps built on their platform/API to gain critical mass and popularity, and then when they hit their peak, screwing over developers and apps by pulling and stopping APIs and leaving the apps dysfunctional


For about 2-3 months now I've been obsessively listening to retrowave/synthwave type of music.

Here's my favourite spotify playlist for you folks:

I have found it to improve my focus and code by 120% :P

Once you have higher shelf alcohol, it's hard to go back to any lower shelf stuff. Grey Goose is a wonderful vodka. It's smooth as water.

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