just told-off a person who tried to "witness" to me about christianity...

on a three-week-old one-off comment... on a meme page on fb...

i lul'd

been there, done that, was in the faith 20+ years, don't need your post-sniping bible-thumping bullshit now. keep it away from me.

It has some GREAT acting/voice performances, great music, etc.

Say what you want about lackluster gameplay (with some cool stuff though) of Death Stranding...

The story is classic Kojima ridiculous but SUPER good. It is a great story.

It would have made an insanely good movie/series. Though maybe the "gameplay" gives it gravity it needs.

Even if you don't play the game, I highly recommend you watch a "cutscene movie" made from the scenes of the game, well worth your time.

Apple needs to follow their feedback-hearing direction much much further and discontinue all butterfly keyboards for scissor replacements.

Out of all the backward steps Apple has taken it appears they finally incorporated some feedback in designing the 16" MacBook Pro.

That said, I think this is the movement of an inch in a direction that needs a mile...

Is there ever a time where the sentiment "deal with it" is helpful suggestion? I think it's flippant bullshit

I don't have the time or energy but I feel like I want to learn Rust even though I have no idea what I'd use it for

Need to accelerate my exodus from Google. They now say they have the right to terminate your account if they find that you're not "commercially viable" to them. Wow.

I've sorta always been "meh" on Sepultura.

But, this recent new video has me wondering if I somehow missed something. They haven't clicked for me until now.

Damn I love this:

Sepultura - Isolation

Finally Nile releases an album with decent production again.

The last few were rough to listen to because all the instruments turned to mush.

Thought the loss of their long-time vocalist was going to hurt, but the replacement sounds quite good.

Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

I think the best description for Death Stranding is "a game that should have been a movie".

Though I could see the gameplay being okay (most of the time) as a casual/chill/relax type of playthrough.

Still, the gameplay is weak and secondary enough, and the story is so much better than the gameplay, that as a book or movie it would have been better, I think.

Otherwise, you're just wasting a lot of time between the good stuff.

what has the world done to earn the existence of someone as eternally nice and awesome as Darin De Paul

is there a heavy metal / blasphemy / evil mastodon? lolol maybe it's time i have multiple accounts (and maybe multiple blogs?) so i can keep my ideas and/or personas separate.

meh whatever, who cares really, i am me, though i try to keep my non-religious somewhat-public-facing persona in the reasonable realm, while allowing myself through writing, music, places like mastodon to push up against boundaries more... in this unfortunately still-way-too-religious USA

cw blasphemy / pain / etc 

Considering taking a dark turn on the poetry/lyrics blog and going all black-metal blasphemy style on some songs.

My mind can get pretty creative once it crosses into the vulgar and blasphemous.

Heck, maybe I'll even record some black metal. Though I doubt I can do vocals for it.

i just have come to the realization that i hate all operating systems

FCC: "Having less competitors will increase competition"


why the absolute FUCK does slack move channels around based on whether they are unread, have a draft, etc....

that's the worst fucking UX i've seen in my life

give me a list of channels and make them stay the hell put WTF

RPG challenge runs are so entertaining.

Watching someone try to beat Final Fantasy V with a single character alive the entire game. This time through it's a bard.

Playthrough is at 33+ hours now 😂

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