Tonight's brew: 🍵 Lot #23060 (Roasted oolong) from Mountain Tea

Oxidization: 30% / Roast: 60% / Elevation: 1,100 meters / Vintage: 2016.

Nutty, roasty, slightly-sweet taste. Maybe a touch of fruit (like the description says: banana + tangerine). Very comforting and warm.

This is not an ad, just a personal review, but here's a link if you wanted to check it out (it is on a good sale which I took advantage of):

Fucking Java.

Just having a certain file sitting on one's desktop can completely obliterate file-browsing functionality in JFileChooser in older versions of Java.

Spent weeks trying to find out why someone couldn't browse files in one of the apps inside our company that is old and uses Java...

All because a goddamn "god mode" shortcut was sitting on the desktop. That special folder simply being present is enough to crash Java. Why the hell should Java even remotely care about that file?!

There's a fundamental problem with a worldview that allows leaving a mess somewhere because others are "paid to clean it up, it's their job anyway"

I am grateful when others make my job easier, so I try to always make someone's job easier when I'm out and about. I don't go far out of my way, but... it's not difficult. Clean up after yourself, put your carts away after shopping, don't abandon products on shelves where they don't belong...

Make others' jobs easier and hope others do the same for you.

Basically- don't lose sight of the upsides. Everything's fucked, enjoy what you can, and try to make it easier for others to enjoy what they can

A bad day at my current position is nowhere near as painful as a bad day at my last position, which was nowhere near as painful as my previous job

So... on the bright side I'm two orders of magnitude of pain away from my previous job, and that's quite important.

Despite my current frustrations and occasional existential misery, I am in a much better place now than even two years ago.

So much stuff I want to do and zero time or energy outside work to do it

It's very frustrating on a daily basis

Bought nvme drive and pci-x4 adapter card
Then realized after I got it, my mobo doesn't have a slot for it

So I did what any sane person would do... I found a mobo on Amazon that does have the slots I need and am going to replace my mobo just so I can use two nvme drives


At one point I had to go all SSD...
Now, it's next level. I'm going all-nvme SSDs.

Vivaldi's still got some weird quirks but has been less buggy than Firefox overall, and pretty solid on Mac and PC.

I may also consider Microsoft's new chromium-based Edge at some point.

I don't know, verdict is still out. I just want a browser that has the right extension support, is highly performant and stable (especially on video/etc sites), and otherwise minimal.

There needs to be a competitor to overtake Twitch. Their site is such absolute garbage. Not just in terms of performance, but in terms of usability, customization, etc.

Can't block channels
Can't filter out genres
Can't block recommendations or customize them (it keeps recommending streamers I would NEVER give a second of my day)


current enlightenment levels are 45%

(45%) ■■■■□□□□□□

we've never seen existential dread levels like this

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

But in other news, hooray got a good deal on Risk of Rain 2, looks fun! I absolutely loved the first one.

I hate to even indirectly support Google/Chrome, but I went back to a Chrome-engine browser, Vivaldi. At least I'm not supporting Google directly.

After many months on FF (after switching from Chrome), performance of some sites is still terrible and buggy. Twitch is bad in FF on Mac/PC, but fine in Chrome-based browsers.

But even just overall, Firefox on Windows 10 would randomly lock up my computer where even the mouse stops moving for a long time. No other browser or program does this, only Firefox.

I'm still not remotely a self-driving car"believer. We're forever away from it being beneficial or resilient.

The $millions of R&D and smart technology can still be easily fooled by super simple modifications to the environment around them. The current technology can be fooled by fake lines, stickers, etc placed on the ground.

I think there's a hyped, fake smartness that often accompanies these products- an implication that it can figure things out. But the unexpected instantly breaks the AI

Even Gruber thinks the current Macbook keyboards are "the worst products in Apple history". That really says it all.

They truly are absolute shit.

science levels are 88% and steady

(88%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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