Join us for the upcoming CI/CD Berlin meetup "Orchestrating the Pipeline" (Jan 21st): Presentation line up:
Taco Scargo Taco will present about the upcoming Dispatch tool from D2iQ/Mesosphere which allows to easily integrate CICD processes in the Kubernetes ecosystem.
Florian Wilhelm talks about getting the SAP ecosystem up to speed with continuous deployment

Android search engine choice screen options are auction winners. Quarterly auction cycles are planned.


A comprehensive story about 5xx errors popping up every now and then in specific node.js setups  - fasten your seat belt: by Magnus Kulke and Philip Fieber

2nd part of Moovel Infrastructure Journey is about Service Discovery - - @NelspikeTX describes how we replaced consul.

GitHub Action with built-in CI/CD: .
Test and build source code, build docker image and push it to a docker
registry implemented as a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions version 2.
Includes also the changes between GitHub Actions version 1 and 2.

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