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Hello, open source social network, I'm delighted to meet you!

When I started wrapping Christmas gifts and the sellotape hand dispenser thing ran out after one gift, I put on my most smug look, and fetched the refills I planned ahead and bought!

Thinking that I ought to learn to package my favourite open source projects as Ubuntu snaps rather than just complaining they're not available

An unconference is the sum of the participants, multiplied by their engagement as speakers, discussers or facilitators. Can't wait for day 2 of today!

On the beautiful en route to this morning. I love it when I can get to an event from home!

Choose an open standard instead of a closed one. Use an open source platform instead of a closed one. Don't vendor-lock. Build communities.

Buy responsibly farmed and sustainable food. Recycle. Don't buy fur. Don't buy products that test on animals.

Your wallet is your strongest vote.

have fun, but keep in mind that all of this isn't being built and run by some soulless conglomerate.

it's built and run by dedicated folks who work hard and generously put in their time and money, please be sure to help them out where you can.

Hello, open source social network, I'm delighted to meet you!

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