Combining reactive programming with a data-modeling language and an entity-component-system seems useful... but how to implement it?

@longor I'm super curious about more of your thoughts. I've been wanting to build a powerful open source block voxel game engine (.. that's a handful!) and ECS has been on my mind for years now.

Also, which language(s) are you using? Your other toot had a picture with one I don't recognize.


@copygirl *forgets mastodon existed, for a week*...

Well... having researched bloxel engines for nearly a decade as a hobby, I recently began sharing the resulting ideas&concepts, and apparently people like 'em!

Yes, ECS can be quite useful for bloxels... if done right.

The 'language' in that picture is a declarative data definition format, based on LISP and JSON:

(The linked repository is a universal bloxel engine, written in rust... it's a extremely slow work-in-progress)

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