Idea: A image-editor with a git-like history, UE4-like blueprints as layers, built-in scripting, dockable viewports, infinite canvas (zoom&pan), raster- & vector-graphics capable... and all of that completely hardware accellerated!


The ability to freely translate, rotate, scale and skew the canvas one is drawing on would also be handy now and then...

@longor Don't get me wrong, that's not the only ones that have it, they are just free and open source. A lot of dedicated drawing programs, such as Manga Studio and so on have that.

@deshipu That's great and all, but I happen to need and/or want a combination of the listed features, I can't seem to find anywere... it just doesn't exist yet.

@longor Yeah, it's hard to find ready programs with specific features that you just invented, but it's good to give the existing tools a try, because they often have an even better solution for the problem you were trying to fix with your features.

@longor For example, MyPaint doesn't have guides at all, you just create a layer on the top, draw whatever lines you need there, and later just hide it.

@deshipu Imagining new (maybe even better) ways to work with and make content is just what I do (privately) as developer. I'll go and give MyPaint and Krita a try, they might just solve some of my troubles! :)

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