Combining reactive programming with a data-modeling language and an entity-component-system seems useful... but how to implement it?

Why the heck does the caregiver industry in germany not get more money from the government? Does nobody want to pay things for people that are gonna die soon anyway and are generally a danger to themselves and others...? :(

Abstracting code in the wrong direction is one of the cardinal sins of programming.

Damn, it turns out there is none... oh well, I've added one to my own format a long tim ago anyway, so consider the case closed (to heck with JSON).

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Is there a human readable data-format (like JSON) with support for network-/node-graphs?

The one feature I could really use is the abillity to move already drawn strokes/applied effects between layers... but that's mainly because I keep forgetting to switch layers.

The ability to freely translate, rotate, scale and skew the canvas one is drawing on would also be handy now and then...

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Another thing I miss in image editors: Free Guidelines. Not just a plain old quadratic/isometric grid, but arbitrary patterns of lines that can be put above/below image-layers. Useful for perspective drawing.

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Subimages and annotations that can be exported as, say, JSON... then it could even be used as a simple 2D map editor.

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Idea: A image-editor with a git-like history, UE4-like blueprints as layers, built-in scripting, dockable viewports, infinite canvas (zoom&pan), raster- & vector-graphics capable... and all of that completely hardware accellerated!

I'm trying to find a self-hosted wiki software that doesn't require hundreds of megabyte of both disk & RAM, runs on a low-power Raspberry-PI and doesn't look like utter shit with even worse UX... so far no luck finding one.

Idea: Use something akin to Unreal Engine 4's blueprint system for building content & event aggregation agents/services trough a web interface.

Idea: Combine CSS-selectors with functional-reactive scripting and a virtual/dynamic object-model, for a ridiculous GUI engine.

Idea: A strongly-typed relational database with complex types (generics, enums, constraints, etc. etc.) and functional+reactive triggers/callbacks.

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