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Grandma always told me:

1) Wash your (damn) hands
2) Cover your (damn) mouth
3) Settle (the hell) down.

Solid advice for life, but seemingly prescient for this moment in time.

@pluralistic I may have missed this on a previous thread, but I just saw an ad for Tovala. Looks like a toaster oven, that you load meals into and then scan a QR code to cook it. Straight out of "Unauthorized Bread "

The cat was napping.
"You must have so much unused energy. Where does it go?"
The cat yawned. "If you must know, we're still paying off."
"Paying what?"
"A wise human said 'In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded'."
"Cats caused the Big Bang?"
"It's our universe."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Sneak Peek of the Next PureOS Release on the Librem 5

"With the next release of PureOS, code-named Byzantium, just around the corner, let’s give you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to."

#librem5 #pureos

The knight only needed one arrow to bring down the wolf.
"Thank you," the shepherd said, "the beast took my lambs."
"It's my duty."
"It's not like protecting ladies, though."
"It's not a knight's duty to protect ladies. It is our duty to stop men abusing and assaulting others."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I really enjoyed this Radiolab episode on all of the security measures behind the Zcash key signing ceremony. Stick around for the bonus security and privacy dilemma when the reporter covering the event discovers their phone is hacked mid-ceremony:

I recently got the urge to re-rip every CD, DVD, and Bluray that I own -- some to take advantage of newer formats, others to make sure I had lossless copies.

This is going to take a while...

It also got me thinking about making bit-perfect backups. I am dreading that first 20+ year old CD that has degraded too far to read properly.

This is the jellyfish h264 demo on a #librem5 using the #imx8mq's #hantro VPU.

Using the CPU we take 300% of CPU time, using the VPU instead we take 10% (and even that can be optimized further). Using the VPU also saves ~1.5W of power. Thanks go to the #gstreamer and #linux kernel folks for making this possible!

Version 4.0 is live on !

The release notes will be available on GitHub shortly.


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We did it! Whether it was $42, $120, $128, $512 or any other amount, your donation helps us continue our work to fight for software freedom!

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in - @conservancy
supporters are amazing! I can't tell you how moving it was to see donations big and small roll in to help us sustain our work towards !

As Parler disappears from the Android and Ios app stores and faces being kicked off of Amazon's (and other) clouds, people who worry about monopolized corporate control over speech are divided over What It Means.

There's an obvious, trivial point to be made here: Twitter, Apple and Google are private companies. When they remove speech on the basis of its content, it's censorship, but it's not *government* censorship. It doesn't violate the First Amendment.


** I hope you enjoyed "Tam and Lin and the Queen in the heart of the forest". For your convenience, it can be read in its entirety on my web site:
Take care of yourselves, be kind, and remember the light is returning. **

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They say that in the heart of the forest, there's winter in the middle of summer. Tam went to see if the opposite was true.
#AdvenTale 1/25 #ReRun

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