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Does a filtering proxy like Privoxy make any sense in times where most connections are encrypted by TLS?

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Since stubby is not working in Ubuntu 20.04 / Mint 20 I build myself a docker image based on Alpine. Working like a charm!

Today I finished the second release of the TMDB Bot!
- Added support for TV shows
- Extended movie search with a search filter for the release year
- Implementation of help command

Find it here: codeberg.org/lomion/tmdb-bot/r @codeberg

I released my first Matrix bot!
This bot is called tmdb-bot and provides information about movies from TheMovieDB.org.
The bot can be found @codeberg at codeberg.org/lomion/tmdb-bot. Enjoy!

A good article about simple design guidelines for user interfaces, web pages as well as presentations uxdesign.cc/6-design-guideline

I set up two webpages (a static one and a riot-web messenger) behind a Traefik reverse proxy as tor hidden service today. All four in docker containers. Suprisingly easy ...

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Tried to get Traefik to renew its Lets Encrypt certificates today and totally failed on it. Renewal on expiration works but no forces renewal.

Kodi 18.6 is out. Wondering how long it will take to get a Libreelec release including it.

Successfully migrated my Mythtv setup with 3 clients to TVHeadend and Kodi ...

Why is there no simple client for video calls? All of them offer thousends of features from chat to animated emojos and stuff. Why not do it the GNU way ... just do one thing (video calls in this case) but do it right?

Had a look into the last few days. Set up a server and enjoyed federating with others :-) But in matter of fact I can not see any benefit over Signal or Telegram ... yet another chat client (with less fency features)

Waited for an upgrade path from Linux Mint 18.3 to 19 just to realize it's seems better to do a fresh installation

I am using for some time now and it works great. Unfortunately there is no support for WSGI and it's not on the roadmap. I have to switch back to Apache in order to host a webpage. Is there any other Python3 framework wirh CGI support?

I am using for some time now and have to say it is a great webserver! It is lightwight, easy to configure yet provides all services for nextcloud, hosting blogs and webpages. Check it out! hiawatha-webserver.org

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