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Just upgraded from v0.13.0 to v0.14.0 and changed the authentication method to OAuth2 as well. Updated my post on how to setup Woodpecker with accordingly: sarkasti.eu/articles/post/wood

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IPv4 addresses used to be gratis. Today they're selling for ~40 USD each. Ford (!!) got 16.7 million IPs for free, hardly using them. Today they're worth $670M, a better value increase than any crypto currency. At the same time new ISPs can't be started because lack of IPs.

Habe heute eine Lautsprecherbox für mein Sauna-Entertainment-System gebastelt ...

Habe unlängst von der Open Source Fernwartungssoftware Remotely erfahren! Daraufhin habe ich einen Remotely Servers im Docker Container installiert und eine deutsche Anleitung dazu ersetzt, falls jemand den Server selbst hosten möchte. sarkasti.eu/articles/de/post/i

I replaced my local DNS server (combination of Bind9 and stubby for DoT requests) with . Was really easy to set up in a docker container!

A new release of the matrix bot "TMDB bot" is available.
New feature: Get a list of the currently most popular movies on themoviedb.org. codeberg.org/lomion/tmdb-bot/r

Does a filtering proxy like Privoxy make any sense in times where most connections are encrypted by TLS?

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Since stubby is not working in Ubuntu 20.04 / Mint 20 I build myself a docker image based on Alpine. Working like a charm!

Today I finished the second release of the TMDB Bot!
- Added support for TV shows
- Extended movie search with a search filter for the release year
- Implementation of help command

Find it here: codeberg.org/lomion/tmdb-bot/r @codeberg

I released my first Matrix bot!
This bot is called tmdb-bot and provides information about movies from TheMovieDB.org.
The bot can be found @codeberg at codeberg.org/lomion/tmdb-bot. Enjoy!

A good article about simple design guidelines for user interfaces, web pages as well as presentations uxdesign.cc/6-design-guideline

I set up two webpages (a static one and a riot-web messenger) behind a Traefik reverse proxy as tor hidden service today. All four in docker containers. Suprisingly easy ...

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Tried to get Traefik to renew its Lets Encrypt certificates today and totally failed on it. Renewal on expiration works but no forces renewal.

Kodi 18.6 is out. Wondering how long it will take to get a Libreelec release including it.

Successfully migrated my Mythtv setup with 3 clients to TVHeadend and Kodi ...

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