First impression as soon as I put the new Airpods Pro in my ears and the noise cancelling kicked in: WHOA! Volume is much better too. Subsequent uses became unreliable at best until I realized I had started putting them in the wrong ears. Fixed that, now back to WHOA again.

I'm ~85% complete porting one of the worst pieces of code I have ever had to work with. The last 11 days have not been fun. I see a distant parting in the clouds.

Found an old laptop under my bed and installed linux mint on it last night. The usual shenanigans prevailed. I swear it was easier to install 20 years ago.

3rd mortherboard on my macbook died yesterday. May be time to switch to a linux laptop again. The only drawback with linux is my uncontrollable urge to tinker.. and the usual clusterfuck with hardware.

Docker now takes about 20mins to load when I restart my mac. Fun.

Running our full test suite on a git pre-commit hook is no longer feasible. May have to split integrations off to pre-push.

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