Mastodon: followers can view private statuses (when unlocked);
LJ: only friends can view private posts;
DreamWidth: followers can subscribe to public posts, author gives access to private posts.

I wonder why there is no such rss-to-activitypub gateway that would convert pull-based RSS/Atom feeds into push-based Activity streams, i.e. that will check all subscribed feeds for changes and publish new items to the Fediverse. Is a lack of such gateway caused by fear of polluting Fediverse with tons of anonymously generated rss links?

@foggy Rails was what made ruby famous, maybe pleroma can be that one app for elixir.

Runs on the erlang vm, isn't erlang the phone people language?

#elixir #ruby

Hint: in case when a feed item lacks an id, it makes sense to generate a new id from the checksum of content.

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