Anyone else out there use multiple WMs/DEs?


I find myself leaning towards using a more "full featured" (read: heavy handed) DE which in my case is GNOME when I'm using a laptop - since it is a keyboard based DE and I tend to enjoy it.

But on my desktop I really prefer just plain ole openbox. Honestly the configurability + speed is just great.

xautolock works great on the desktop - but when it comes to laptops its _just not quite enough_ because I really would like my laptop (...)

to suspend automatically without too much trouble.

A DE like GNOME really does a lot out of the box like autolocking, imo better bluetooth controls, just better for on-the-go stuff.

Either way, I find myself using GNOME on laptops and openbox on the desktop, so I'm kind of a multi-DE/WM user. Anyone else like this?

@lindgrenj6 while I willfully resisted it for a decade, I just this week switched to gnome on work the laptop, and use windowmaker on the other systems exclusively. My main gain was easier and better video configuration for multiple monitors - arandr worked but getting full resolution was problematic. As a side benefit, those volume up and down buttons are suddenly functional.

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