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Morning! I'm sure it's still dawn somewhere. Time to hop back into VR and avoid doing more productive things like work, school, and writing Rust crates.

I think I finally figured out how to use subpasses. Two different fragment shaders in this scene -- one for opaque materials, one for materials with alpha masking.

Added albedo texture mapping to my Vulkan glTF renderer. Unfortunately, it crashes when no texture data is provided.

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I finally managed to get NVENC working in OBS on elementaryOS Loki. Had to manually compile ffmpeg with nVidia's Video Codec SDK and CUDA and then compile OBS. I am getting about 70% less CPU usage when using NVENC H.264 compared to regular x264. OBS supposedly ships with NVENC support included in newer versions of Ubuntu-based distros, so this ordeal may no longer be necessary after updating to the upcoming version of elementaryOS.

Apparently, the latest version of NVENC (8.2) requires the driver version v396.24 or higher. The latest beta release of the nVidia display driver I just installed is only v396.18. So much for "being on the edge".
Additionally, they require you to install the _entire_ CUDA SDK.
Ugh. Oh, well.

Installing latest nVidia drivers "only" took like 3 tries. And many more reboots with troubleshooting. Had to confirm several intimidating messages the installer threw at me, like "the kernel was compiled with a different version of cc, are you sure you want to continue?" I guess so, what do I know. It's not like I'm going to be updating my C toolchain without an X-server. At least it's "kind of" automatic, I had to just keep trying to run the installation script while adjusting some settings.

The nVidia 20-series graphics cards have just been announced.
From what I can see, they managed to improve data throughput (by 75%) and memory access speed (by about 30%). The clock speed is the same.
If they have added an additional HW chip for RTX (ray tracing), I think the price is very interesting.

NVidia just released a sneak peek into their real-time ray tracing technology, presumably available with their next-gen graphics cards. Exciting stuff.

Battlefield V: Official GeForce RTX Trailer

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Hey, #Keybase users: If you'd like to see Mastodon support in Keybase (which is just *perfect* in a federated network to verify people) and have a GitHub account: make sure to voice your wish, +1ing this comment on the related issue. That might make it happen!

Watching the global Mastodon timeline somehow feels very Cyberpunk-y.

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