And here's an unsharp masking (sharpening) filter implemented using the gaussian blur!

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A two-pass Guassian blur post-processing shader in UE4.

Hue shifting for still objects relative to the camera. If a pixel does not change in color for some time, the hue of that pixel is offset.

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Using the same accumulation buffer, it is possible to simulate increased sensitivity to negative afterimages. This is one such attempt and may still require some tuning. I am wondering whether it'd be possible to combine both effects.

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Made the effect respect the framerate, added a parameter for the effect's opacity. This is what it looks like on 50%, this time without VR headset shakiness.

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A proof of concept of a custom post-processing temporal shader in UE4, for VR. It blends the current and the previous frame.

Matt Keeter's paper on Massively Parallel Rendering of
Complex Closed-Form Implicit Surfaces is a very interesting read with an extremely satisfying implementation. It takes a simple concept of surfaces defined by `f(x, y, z) = 0` and invents a novel rendering technique for them, on the GPU.

Here's a preview of what I've been working on over the past several months. Still nowhere near finished, but we're getting there. It is (going to be) a real-time graph-based video compositor for broadcasting and creative coding. What you can see in the preview is the UI rendering of basic nodes and graph validation errors highlighted in red, with some debug information below.

This account is not dead.
View transformations working.
Naive triangle-ray intersector implementation included.

please, my computer is very sick. photo sensitive epilepsy warning

Rotational headset tracking with HTC Vive using and on . All the hashtags.

Finally managed to understand and implement normal mapping into ammolite.

I think I finally figured out how to use subpasses. Two different fragment shaders in this scene -- one for opaque materials, one for materials with alpha masking.

Added albedo texture mapping to my Vulkan glTF renderer. Unfortunately, it crashes when no texture data is provided.

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