please, my computer is very sick. photo sensitive epilepsy warning

Rotational headset tracking with HTC Vive using and on . All the hashtags.

Finally managed to understand and implement normal mapping into ammolite.

I think I finally figured out how to use subpasses. Two different fragment shaders in this scene -- one for opaque materials, one for materials with alpha masking.

Added albedo texture mapping to my Vulkan glTF renderer. Unfortunately, it crashes when no texture data is provided.

The nVidia 20-series graphics cards have just been announced.
From what I can see, they managed to improve data throughput (by 75%) and memory access speed (by about 30%). The clock speed is the same.
If they have added an additional HW chip for RTX (ray tracing), I think the price is very interesting.

Slowly figuring out the Vulkan API with the help of vulkano. Greatness will follow.

Finally making some proper notes on Geometric Algebra. I need to improve my handwriting. D:

Got automatic simulation working.
Tried to use Peek to record it, but the framerate gets kinda messed up for some reason.

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