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Hello world! A short : my main account is @lilo
I am interested in and lots of other things...

useful tool for making your fallback system font and your web font as similar as possible:

prevents ugly effects with font-display: swap

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To be fair, "forgot to renew a cert" happens to all of us, sooner or later. :D

Let's have some sympathy for the bad Friday night some folks are having trying to get it fixed. <3

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I am sure there is a lot of people with unsearchable pdf's. that are only image and cannot select/copy text. If that's the case I suggest to convert them to a searchable pdf with . How? Use: OCRmyPDF. Its awesome!

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"Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?"

Sounds like a silly question, but makes for a rather intriguing read!

If I had to nominate the most disappointing website of the world,
I vote for

Every fucking time: oh, cool new property, lets lookup browser support. Ah, forget it.

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Web dev protip: if you're searching for an open-source component, use the keyword "accessible" or "a11y." E.g. "accessible dialog," "accessible carousel," "accessible autocomplete."

Accessibility is like the brown M&Ms in Van Halen lore – if they didn't mess that up, then they probably didn't mess anything else up either.

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"there are only 6 #values in #Javascript that are 'falsy'"

...sounds easy, doesn't it?

Well, but #JS compares those to true/false pretty randomly - this language is a huge clusterfuck wherever you look.

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invention: a font that uses ligatures to correct common spelling errors

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The year is 2019 and I can’t buy a good majority of consumer technology because we lack privacy legislation and consumer protections. Example: it’s absurd that my TV came with spyware that can’t be turned off or avoided; I had to stop it from phoning home at the network level. It also came with an arbitration clause and a clause waiving the right to a class action lawsuit.

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“Some thoughts on Social Networking and Usenet”

This reminds me, I should finish writing that “apps that should exist but don’t” blog post. A best practices social media consumption app is one of them.

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Hey #35c3, I've been thinking.

#Thread on why we need queer feminist hackerspaces. ⤵️

#feminism #hackerspaces #PTSD #RapeCulture

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Imperial space station classes

1. Death Star
2. Serious-Injury Planet
3. Bruise Moon
4. Insult Asteroid
5. Make-You-Feel-Unwelcome-But-Don't-Actually-Do-Or-Say-Anything-Overtly-Hostile Micrometeorite

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What are the technical terms, in your field, for 'dunno'?
In astronomy there's 'unmodelled second order effects'
In medicine there's 'idoeopathic'
In archeology/anthropology there's 'ritual purposes'
How do you professionally term 'we haven't got a clue'?

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‪swc –speedy web compiler– a super-fast alternative for babel,‬

‪It’s 16x faster than Babel, or 20x faster with SIMD enabled.‬

‪The project is in 1.0.0-alpha. Crazy compatibility!‬

#javascript #transpiler #babel #rustlang

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I realize there can be reasons for this and it's not entirely a fair criticism but …

That article complaining about the amount of JS in the average page makes *34* requests for JS, for a total of 494 KB of (compressed!) javascript. That compares unfavorably even to the admittedly awful average of 364 KB cited in the article.

A serious bug in mobile Chrome: Users relying on assistive technology to emulate touch can't open context menu anymore: by @thalon

The bug report is waiting for triage since september.

Any people involved in Chromium mobile on mastodon?

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#CSS Tip:

If you're searching for info about CSS, add "mdn" to your search (works for duckduck go, google, maybe other stuff?) to get the Mozilla Developer Network which is really really good documentation compared to some stuff out there.

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