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It's amazing how much energy a candy bar can give a kid. My kids are running around like they have rockets on their backs at the moment....My goodness.

I am getting some very exciting interviews lined up for the LibreQuest Podcast. So, stay tuned. Should be about 3 weeks out from today! :D

Well I am extremely excited. I have an interview set up with one of the hosts of The Linux Link Tech Show! The longest running Linux podcast in world history! This is going to be fantastic!

I plan to post a story on here pretty soon to outline my experience of using hardware and software no older than Jan 2001. It was a real pain and a lot of fun. haha

It's pretty exciting that Nvidia are preparing to ship the next GPU in their lineup that no'one will be able to buy. Awesome! Keep up the good work Nvidia hahaha But seriously that's cool I think. Now if they could only produce and supply them to actual desktop end users.

If you're still rockin' wobbly windows in 2021 you're super! 🚀

Check out they have a new live streaming feature. That's pretty nice. Well done odysee.

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