Check out the latest episode of the LinuxLugCast I was invited to come on and all are welcome to join. The mumble details can be found at the linuxlugcast.com

Interview with Glen MacArthur creator of AV Linux. The audio was a bit off the first 13 minutes. Sorry! :D archive.org/details/lq54_20210

I did an interview with Tom from Switched to Linux. He talked about his super secret project. Very interesting project. :D archive.org/details/lq52_20210

I have neglected to post on Mastodon in a while but I have a few new interviews and even a video. You can check it out on my Odysee channel. odysee.com/@LibreQuest:6

Just got done painting the office! That was ugh... Anyway! I'm pretty excited about it!😀

Finally got the new place. Should be ready to move in tomorrow! Woo!

@mildbeard I guess that's the tricky part haha. I know they have metal 3D printers but I don't know how good they are at printing copper coils and magnets. hahaha

Took my kids out today and caught 4 giant crawdads. They were huge and awesome! Then we put them back in their home. But they were super awesome! And they were kind enough to not pinch us. hahaha😜 And we found out that they really like their space...they don't get along in tight spaces. We had to get them back home pretty quickly.

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