The Celeron N5095 (2021 - 15W - Integrated) actually games better in Linux than the i5-3570 (2012 - 77W - Desktop). That's pretty impressive. GTAV in 800x600 by the way. But still impressive. lol

Streaming from a tethered phone gaming on a beelink U59 in 1024x768. And actually this thing can run steam Linux and game in this resolution with ease. It's not a bad system. The stream is pretty rough though.

Check out the latest episode of the LinuxLugCast I was invited to come on and all are welcome to join. The mumble details can be found at the

Interview with Glen MacArthur creator of AV Linux. The audio was a bit off the first 13 minutes. Sorry! :D

I did an interview with Tom from Switched to Linux. He talked about his super secret project. Very interesting project. :D

I have neglected to post on Mastodon in a while but I have a few new interviews and even a video. You can check it out on my Odysee channel.

Just got done painting the office! That was ugh... Anyway! I'm pretty excited about it!😀

Finally got the new place. Should be ready to move in tomorrow! Woo!

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