We need a healthy ecosystem of free/open reviews.

lib.reviews has been around since 2016 -- would love to collaborate (even in just making people aware of each other's efforts)! One important thing to consider is to use compatible licenses, see lib.reviews/terms#licensing for where we landed on that.

@nortix I saw this and was unsure if they're truly the same thing -- it looks like OsmAnd~ is a community-compiled version without Google Play services? The downside I could see of merging them is that folks might be confused as to what constitutes the first-party build.

You can now configure images that are used for rich link previews on social media (like Mastodon). It's under "Additional settings" in the review editor. More info:


(It only works for individual reviews, so far.)


They do! Right now, node and way URLs are supported. You can get those if you click through a search on OSM itself, and end up on a URL like this:


If you put that URL into lib.reviews, it'll pull the label from OSM. Still pretty basic, but it does pull it in translations (if available), and keep it up-to-date.


Yes, with two caveats:

- The site name is included in a few UI messages that would need to be updated.

- It uses RethinkDB as a database backend, which is unfortunately barely maintained (but still readily installable). I'd like to migrate to a new DB backend like CouchDB, but that's a heavy lift and will take a while.

Like many other open source projects, lib.reviews has migrated its IRC channel to libera.chat due to the implosion of FreeNode.

You can now find us on irc.libera.chat (channel .reviews).

@nortix Agree, that would be pretty cool - might be even more awesome if you could follow users or teams on lib.reviews directly on Mastodon, and then simply boost their posts 🤔

Wenn ihr tolle Geschenke bekommen habt und diese für alle und frei zugänglich bewerten wollt, könnt ihr eine Bewertung bei @lib_reviews schreiben. Für einen Einladungslink könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben.

Just finished reading Sapiens: a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

I also took the chance to write my first review on lib.reviews (lib.reviews/review/b4d948bc-4f)

Check @lib_reviews for more info on this cool project!


Thanks for the kind words! I personally won't be able to take the lead on federation support in the near future, but let me know if you're interested in collaborating on it! - Erik

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @reclus @masterofthetiger

We're not dead yet, but dev has been very slow due to competing demands on time, sorry :)

@mirzaba@cybre.space At minimum, we want to add support for review-less ratings (similar to the IMDB review/ratings distinction).

Cataloging is probably out of scope (and there are other free/open projects like inventaire.io/ that are taking that on), but ultimately it's up to what the community of developers wants to work on :)

@pizzaiolo@pleroma.site Ugh, sorry about that - was a Let's Encrypt issue that only showed up for some clients. Should be fixed now, let me know if you're still seeing this.

@GreyLinux Agree that this would be very cool! My (@eloquence) focus right now is on improvements to the very basic OSM integration we have, which will be a precondition for any "nearby" type features and such. I'm unlikely to work directly on an app but I want to make sure we at least provide the kind of API that makes such an app possible.

@GreyLinux Not yet, though the site should be mobile-friendly throughout. What use case do you have in mind? "Restaurants near me" kind of thing?

If you like games and free software, you might enjoy Libre Game Night, a regular online gaming event where participants play free software & free culture games:


Here's a brief review by brainblasted:


[offtopic for instance / not music / praise] 

@priryo Thank you for saying so! Making those kinds of pages readable & friendly is a personal passion. If any particular bits stand out as potential areas for further improvement, please do let me know. :)

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