Wenn ihr tolle Geschenke bekommen habt und diese für alle und frei zugänglich bewerten wollt, könnt ihr eine Bewertung bei @lib_reviews schreiben. Für einen Einladungslink könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben.

Just finished reading Sapiens: a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

I also took the chance to write my first review on lib.reviews (lib.reviews/review/b4d948bc-4f)

Check @lib_reviews for more info on this cool project!


Thanks for the kind words! I personally won't be able to take the lead on federation support in the near future, but let me know if you're interested in collaborating on it! - Erik

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @reclus @masterofthetiger

We're not dead yet, but dev has been very slow due to competing demands on time, sorry :)

@mirzaba@cybre.space At minimum, we want to add support for review-less ratings (similar to the IMDB review/ratings distinction).

Cataloging is probably out of scope (and there are other free/open projects like inventaire.io/ that are taking that on), but ultimately it's up to what the community of developers wants to work on :)

@pizzaiolo Ugh, sorry about that - was a Let's Encrypt issue that only showed up for some clients. Should be fixed now, let me know if you're still seeing this.

@GreyLinux Agree that this would be very cool! My (@eloquence) focus right now is on improvements to the very basic OSM integration we have, which will be a precondition for any "nearby" type features and such. I'm unlikely to work directly on an app but I want to make sure we at least provide the kind of API that makes such an app possible.

@GreyLinux Not yet, though the site should be mobile-friendly throughout. What use case do you have in mind? "Restaurants near me" kind of thing?

If you like games and free software, you might enjoy Libre Game Night, a regular online gaming event where participants play free software & free culture games:


Here's a brief review by brainblasted:


[offtopic for instance / not music / praise] 

@priryo Thank you for saying so! Making those kinds of pages readable & friendly is a personal passion. If any particular bits stand out as potential areas for further improvement, please do let me know. :)

New featured deployed: If you have invite links to give away (you get those by writing reviews), you can now add a default language by appending ?signupLanguage=<code>, e.g., ?signupLanguage=de for German (see footer for list of supported codes) to the invite link URL.

That way if, e.g., you want to invite speakers, they'll get the Esperanto user interface right from the get-go, without having to click through English. :) Thanks to Patrick Noll for the PR.

@mray ActivityPub is great. We'd love to add support for following reviewers, and long term even for federating between instances. Of course it's a matter of finding time to write the code. ;-) Right now my own (@eloquence) focus is to do more on the OSM side, and then I want to improve search features, the API + content language management. Collaborators welcome!

@throgh Please upload it wherever it makes sense to you. It's CC-0. :) Thank you for helping to get the word out!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. :) If you've requested an invite and we missed it (or if you would still like one), please ping! We're using invite links for now to avoid getting overrun by spammers or other bad faith actors.

If you're wondering whether you should follow/unfollow: this account will post the occasional dev update, respond to questions, and boost reviews w/ hashtag , but no more than 1-2 toots per day to avoid spamming your timelines. :)

@danipozo I (@eloquence, the main dev) would love that, but it's huge project to do that well. Of course if anyone wants to take it on I'd be more than happy to help them explore the codebase. For myself, I'll poke at at least making it possible to follow reviewers via ActivityPub.

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