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Hey You make green cars but they don't come in the colour green, what gives?

What does have to do with the of society and the human species as a whole? You will have to pre-order The Handbook | via

Hello all! We're glad to finally be on the fediverse!

Give us a follow on the federverse!
Zerozed now has @MastodonProject! Follow us over at !

RT Official Keybase integration is coming in Mastodon 2.8

No better way to celebrate the price explosion than by paying for lunch with .

An idea for this could be to list websites not officially supported by Manually create a keybase signature via the keybase verify command in the terminal then post that on your social medias like and then link the post on the index.html file.

Just found out you can upload a 'index.html' file to your public folder and visit it at [yourusername] effectively creating a Keybase verified webpage. You can view mine at or view the same thing at

Hey, when are you arriving on Australian shores?

Still one of my favorite versions of this meme

Robocop as a Transformer would be Stopimus Crime.

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