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Our DOI theory will defiantly bring something new to the space. twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/

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@drama_zero@twitter.com @adamogardner@twitter.com @pierre_rochard@twitter.com @zerozed_x0z@twitter.com We are considering crypto to be a technology and an idea where diffusion of innovations applies.

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Technically, alcohol is a solution

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Hey al! We are a runner up to be accepted on another exchange, C-Patex. Woohoo!
If you can spare a small amount of coin and head over and vote for us to be listed next, please do!


I think I drank too much coffee...

*quietly vibrates*

there are two wolves inside the bitcoin community: the wolf that thinks that any PR is good PR, and the wolf that knows that the president of the united states saying "bitcoin should be illegal" is not actually good news for bitcoin

Do you have a person you think about so much, that they actually also appear in your dreams?

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I have been paying my children for doing their chores in Bitcoin for a while now. I let them pay me in Bitcoin to buy them things they want.
Also, this year the Tooth Fairy is paying Bitcoin for baby chompers. Paper wallets under the pillow... 🧚‍♀️

Been using @system76@twitter.com's Pop!_OS for the past 2 weeks. Actually quite enjoy using it, it's simple easy to use, modifications of @gnome@twitter.com aren't to extreme unlike @ubuntu@twitter.com. Recommend it to anyone new or old to .

Honestly avoided using @ubuntu for a long time prefering over it but after installing it a few months ago, I really enjoy the ease of use of it and how everything usually works out of the box. Not messing around with my system all the time and actually using my computer as a regular human 😆 😆

why the fuck would a dog have a blog? what the fuck does a dog have to blog about? "sniffed some really good butts today!" 🙄

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@zerozed_x0z@twitter.com is now live in the @get_delta@twitter.com app. delta.app/en/download

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@zerozed_x0z@twitter.com is now in the @blockfolio@twitter.com app. blockfolio.com/#get-app

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You know what the best thing to do on a nice Sunday afternoon? Buying over at @AltmarketsEX@twitter.com, that's what! Go buy some at altmarkets.io/trading/x0zbtc twitter.com/AltmarketsEX/statu

What annoys me about @Android is when you have turned on ur phone, tether doesnt send traffic through VPN. Bit of a security issue? Any1 know of a way 3 fix this (root is fine). Can enable VPN on my laptop but devices like my Xbox or Playstation are still unsecure.

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