@todd @todd Sorry, not into folks who exploit the work of free software developers by selling it as their own stuff and keeping all the proceeds.

Gonna stream work on wio today


Getting started in a few minutes

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git-send-email.io/ is live! 🎉
This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

Gonna stream again today


Will be uploading today's and yesterday's recordings overnight to live.drewdevault.com/archive/

Taking Into Account, Ep. 35 - Linux Foundation, Article 13, NexDock 2, Sway, GNOME


2,000,103 accounts
+126 in the last hour
+2,539 in the last day
+17,125 in the last week

Get the new 16K 4420p noscope fortine edition Nvidia Optimum bazinga for only $9,999 for a limited time only*

* requires installation of a live walrus in your living room

Fediverse: how did you start learning computing? I want to hear your stories. Please RT!

Fediverse: how did you start learning computing? I want to hear your stories.

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