Weird how most "crimes against humanity" are crimes with a finite number of victims, but crimes like fossil fuel profiteering or the destruction of the rainforest, where humanity itself is the victim, aren't actually crimes at all

Alpine Linux has completed their migration to SourceHut for their mailing lists 🎉

They're running their own instance here:

Told a contributor that they can move a source file from the go stdlib into the aerc tree because google requires a CLA to contribute to their code and we need to change this file.

Fuck CLAs and fuck Google.

For anyone who doesn't understand why the Tusky change is wrong:

It may not be against the letter of free/open source software*, but it is certainly in the spirit. FOSS does not discriminate against its users and remain FOSS, including the users you don't like. The freedom to use the software as you wish is unalienable, including for gab users.

* both definitions

That, and don't add rickrolls to your project for any reason.

@todd @todd Sorry, not into folks who exploit the work of free software developers by selling it as their own stuff and keeping all the proceeds.

Gonna stream work on wio today

Getting started in a few minutes

music; not tech related is live! 🎉
This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

Gonna stream again today

Will be uploading today's and yesterday's recordings overnight to

Taking Into Account, Ep. 35 - Linux Foundation, Article 13, NexDock 2, Sway, GNOME

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+126 in the last hour
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