Gentlemen of mastodon, hear hear:
A pre-release of version 2 (for android) is now available on our repo!

It's still marked as pre-release because it's using a development server (no solid yet) and because, since isn't ready, we couldn't publish the for all our current users.

But it already has all the features you'll find in Presents 2.0 so if you are users please feel free to try it and share your feedbacks.

Aaaand after a little break we are back:
Today repository on @codeberg saw its first commit of #2022!
Want to take a look? You'll find it at

It's less than a month till , and we all know that this means having to buy for and , often with zero idea about what they want. Such a stressful thing to do!
But, hey, this year will be different: this year you can install to keep track of your , make them public for everyone that want to make you a good gift and, at the same time, search for what your friends really desire.
Say goodbye to Christmas-panic, say welcome to Presents!

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