thinking about Idiot Mode, which is any curly-braced or explicitly delineated language can be converted from a blankspace delimiter set, thereby making it Pretty and Cool

I look forward to my GitHub copilot royalty check in the mail.

Okay it is supremely annoying that Disney won't put the latest episodes of their own shows on their own streaming services. What do they possibly gain by delaying the Disney+ release of Disney Channel shows?

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Separate note, stolen from YOSPOS -- one of the reasons I like Java/Maven so much at this point is b/c it's a tool, and devs recognize it's a tool. Nobody is commenting that Java code is "beautiful" or "javaceous," we don't have nicknames like javanauts or w/e, people get angry about XML, and by god it's a good life

Golang's dependency management can't be fixed. Cloud vendoring / relying on for stuff was like a secret JavaScript sin but here Go has it out in the open.

What is the deal? I don't want to bust open the internals of this language to see if it's fixable at a deeper level b/c it's non-portable (if I found a way to package artifacts, they'd have to be system-specific) -- so eventually, with my druthers, I'll land on Rust for this kind of thing I guess :/

Every AI / ML researcher I’ve ever met has been this exact same level of credulous as the dude who just got got at Google

Not sure if it’s because they _want_ to believe a machine can achieve sentience or they’re just gullible. Either way, these people and the companies who enable them need new hobbies

Replace every article about Elon Musk with an article about someone fixing/maintaining important infrastructure. A person repairing buses. A person repairing and tweaking wheelchairs. A person tending to a community garden.

So I finally killed my Goodreads account because I'm trying to limit my Amazon usage to as little as possible and switched to Storygraph a Black woman-owned book tracking platform that uses machine learning for making suggestions, which are disturbingly accurate.

The cool part is that it consumes GoodReads exports so you have all you're reading data.

You should sign up. And when you do, hit me with a link and I'll follow you.

I don’t even know where to place the blame for Morbius. The scenes feel disjointed, the plot is nonsensical, the casting is bad (though Matt Smith seems to be having a lot of fun), and the action scenes are just rando CGI with no kineticism

I _did_ laugh heartily at the “jumps in front of a subway train” scene

referring to my 'celebrity face blindness' as 'stored in write-only database tables' from now on

disabled wifi on the new samsung fridge (just unplugged this guy, lucky guess). can’t figure out the stove cuz there’s no access panel that i can see on the back of the stove. i fucking hate living in the future


- Nobody's going to these games. I'm going to pay close attention tomorrow as it's the last set of games in the 'good' stadium before the final week is played at Legion Field, which is basically what happens when a trough urinal becomes a stadium

- TV ratings are dismal, and there's no ancillary coverage on other networks

- generally Alabama is (as I've said for a long time) simply not supportive of pro sports of any stripe

Folks, it happened. I was humbled and gratified to speak at -- please check it out and direct any complaints to me or the github repository

Folks, it happened. I was humbled and gratified to speak at -- please check it out and direct any complaints to me or the github repository

10000% loving the IDW Sonic comics and hassling everyone I know about this

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