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10000% loving the IDW Sonic comics and hassling everyone I know about this

I was extremely gratified and humbled to speak at DevOps Days Birmingham this past week. Video to come, and you can enter issues, review the talk, or complain at its repository


encouraging folks to head the mastodon way since elon got to join the twitter board

The C# build chain and Framework/Core divide is so fucking bad. I can't do anything resembling a legitimate release, and there's code from ~9 years ago that I can't build.

Sunk cost fallacy meets "we buy microsoft products. Nobody ever got fired for doing that!"

Joined up with the brigade on birdsite, apparently

Also following the hilarious (and hopefully final) throes of the Vig Mignognangnanga lawsuit nonsense. Couldn't have happened to a nicer set of assholes XD

Happy to be back on Mastodon

I had to get back on birdsite and now I hate myself, but it's the only way to stay in touch with certain people I know personally. I wish there were a Different Way

I _am_ a number, but you'll need to `sudo cat` to get at it

Landing Zone is "solving" the portability problem from the wrong direction

Captain Marvel was so awesome I actually got excited for the next avengers movie

total 180 from how I felt going out of the theater after the Snappening

I'm going back to adding `++` to everything as my branding strategy

GAME DAY for my hometown birmingham iron! I cannot wait to watch american football largely because I am a terrible person

If the NFL doesn't yank football away from the Kraft family I am going to po'd

Spoiler alert: I'm probably going to get mad

nonserious violence 

and now, a thrilling escapade to notarize an I-9

Truly the US is a magical land of --

*the sounds of a man being beaten to within an inch of his life*

Code coverage reports are the closest thing I have to when a manager sees a dashboard full of dials set to 'turbo' and 'winning'

Got my onboarding paperwork and I'm like... NO TAKESIE BACKSIES

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