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I swear I'm this 👌 fucking close to writing a script that catches when I write the identity map following a stream _where I just needed the damn stream but I'm so used to calling map afterwards I made a no-op map_. That is all.

Or maybe if I post shame myself it will sink in

the term "libertarian to fascist pipeline" implies that some work has to be done to move from one to the other.

for that reason, I prefer, "the libertarian to fascist kiddie slide."

Fun fact: I never got to propose to my wife in a “traditional” way, and our original vows were written by someone else for a religion we both disagree with.

Since we recently celebrated our five year anniversary, I decided it was time to ask for a vow renewal and get “five years of bling packed into one ring.”

She said yes. :)

the Battle Angel Alita movie kicked ass. I wish there were a more gory version but given our awful timeline this provided sufficient respite

Urgently need a 'no' option for "Will you rate your transaction at amazon"

Youtube won't stop recommending me jordan peterson videos.

I have never watched one.

I keep saying I am uninterested in them.

The rest of my recommendations aren't any better, most of them are the equivalent of clickbait advertisement "articles" on the bottom of websites.

A huge company full of people far smarter than I will ever be has put countless hours into making an algorithm that just vomits up junk recommendations to me that try to waste my time and get me upset..

The future is now.

🎅: Ho ho ho! Hello children, I'm Santa's cousin, Arbitration Clause!

👧🏽 👦🏼 : uh, what?

🎅: Did you know that many workplaces and services now make you to waive your right to bring complaints against them in court, and instead force you to appear before a private arbitrator that they choose and pay for?

👧🏽 👦🏼 : oh jeeze, the left can't meme.


People call me old for using Eclipse IDE, but the true secret is that deep underneath it all I just want Borland Turbo-C++ back

this is your daily reminder that all your base are belong to us

Anyone quoting jobless figures at "a XD6-year low" this week can forget it as far as I'm concerned. Enormous layoffs inside my (now former) company, the media gauntlet, and all the rest.

Jobless claims still totally divorced from reality.

Laid off, along with the majority of my team. So much DevOps, so much build, so many things of which I'm proud. Not surprised but what is up with Jan/Feb and being my most stressful months out of the year? :D

I really don't want to go back to C++ without getting paid _a lot_. Anyone have experience with golang + SDL2 or want to point me to some good tutorials?

After you watch the new Gillette commercial make sure to go pick up a copy of Terry Crews' "Manhood," which is as good a treatise on the subject as exists or will ever exist

Vermintide II is fucking _rad_ but I really need the option to have the same game where we play as Chaos / similar factions

Every time I kill a Chaos Warrior I'm like... just be friends with me you ass

Looking for ideas on how to leave Facebook, taking my photos and ability to contact people w/o phones with me. Anyone got suggestions or had to go through this extremely painful process?

Finishing the college football year on a high note. Texas beats GA and I never would have expected it

Also Iowa? Yay Iowa.

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