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I'm tired of recipe blogs and their wrapping of every recipe in a bullshit long-ass story. So tired, in fact, that I did this. Feel free to check it out, try stuff, or PR it.

twitter users: wow, in 2018 i finished my master's, moved to new york, had my first novel published, got married, and won the lottery. guess it could have been worse! feeling #blessed

masto users: in 2018 i built a minecraft house that looks like my ass. it has a welcome mat that says 'no cops allowed'. it was a good year.

Been having a lot of fun playing lately. Classic MUDs are worth your time, even if it's just to check 'em out and see what gaming was like for us old fogeys

that feel when you look at code you wrote two months ago and you're like "good lord i am an idiot"

The computer games museum in Berlin is extremely worth your time. Informative museum allows exploration without getting bogged down with excessive detail. It comes with all-you-can-play classic arcade cabinets as the cherry on top.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and its COO Sheryl Sandberg, and its public relations people, and its engineers have lied repeatedly, exhaustively. They have lied so much they've lost track of their lies, and then lied about them.

welp. microsoft is gonna base edge on chromium

google now has near-complete control of the web, and they're already using it to push proprietary garbage. i'm sure nothing bad will come of this

if you're going to see a theatre show, see it on the west end. it is very good

- my new slogan


If you in London HMU, we'll be whirlwinding through London -> Prague -> Berlin -> Bournemouth -> Wales

the latest harmontown is why I continue listening to this show. yessssss

Final Europe trip preparations over the next few days. Extremely excited, terrified, wishing for more money, and basically every conceivable emotion.

And exhausted to the brink from work, so... it's definitely a good time to gtfo

on Prime is awesome, and Storm-Kremer are my favorite football broadcasters

god I hate python, DevOps automation rant 

I had to wrap a bunch of python processes in a custom set of `init.d` service scripts, and now when I try to start them in the middle of a packer image build, only portions of them start. Because python is fucking terribad. I think I'm literally going to put three restarts of the service into this thing and see if I can get it to go

Super excited to be in London Dec 11-17, Prague and Berlin afters

If you're in any of those places this month and want to meet for food, talk DevOps / TDD / software dev or meet me and spouse HMU

Software development and DevOps means every day you will feel like a crazy genius and then a crazy idiot. Sometimes simultaneously

You will also curse and thank your past self in equal measure roughly every thirty minutes

gets a lot of play for `this is fine` but I will always love The Anime Club

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