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The computer games museum in Berlin is extremely worth your time. Informative museum allows exploration without getting bogged down with excessive detail. It comes with all-you-can-play classic arcade cabinets as the cherry on top.

@DJWalnut @abby Pardon this old fogey's question but why isn't school / whatever having you use Arial / Trebuchet / something reasonable? I hella agree that the above kerning examples are horrendous

@Elizafox evergreen posts start with 'the far right' and end with 'pathetic and sad'

@vanessalynne I found six results for crepes in your area. Tap the one you want

@preslavrachev TBF I am under the gun for deploying a 'production' level python project* right now, and coming from a JVM/DevOps/repeatability perspective I'm just super fucking mad at Python right now; I just don't see a window into DI making it better (/fin)

* read: collection of bespoke python scripts, without tests

@preslavrachev So, Plexus components but for Python? I definitely dig the idea of dependency injection (it's certainly the only way I've experienced writing a Maven plugin that has legitimate test coverage) but Python's 'greedy' dependency tree derails this. At runtime you could pollute the injection waters in Python (i.e. two classes with the same hint), whereas in Java you'd have to explicitly throw some bad classes into the path to do so (/1)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and its COO Sheryl Sandberg, and its public relations people, and its engineers have lied repeatedly, exhaustively. They have lied so much they've lost track of their lies, and then lied about them.

@garfiald It's easy to get wound up about. It's also important to note that in your exception case (the Berenstain Bears) there _are_ in fact misprinted labels you can dig up reading Berenstein, so it doesn't even really count at all

@citrustwee Hmmm... so probably not the first place to look, then. What does your RAM / CPU usage look like when it stutters?

@citrustwee Part two to my ramblings on this issue: Do you have an SSD/HDD? Are the drivers for your graphics card fucking you here? I mean, there's so many possibilities based on your description I can't give you a one-fix-fits-all

@citrustwee I read the other comments and I was ... displeased

Step zero is don't use CCleaner, this isn't fucking 2002.

Step one is just to find your bottleneck. I tend to think RAM as well b/c you mention it's bad when you use Chrome.

Step two is to resolve the bottleneck, either with a) more of the thing (if it's a literal hardware limitation of RAM/CPU/similar resources) or b) less of the bullshit (if it's something leaking software-side rather than a hardware limitation)


-- disclaimer: I had never heard of prior to you saying it just now --

Do the words "free" "encrypted" "email" together not set off warning bells for you? Because for me it's like a five alarm siren fire

welp. microsoft is gonna base edge on chromium

google now has near-complete control of the web, and they're already using it to push proprietary garbage. i'm sure nothing bad will come of this

if you're going to see a theatre show, see it on the west end. it is very good

- my new slogan


If you in London HMU, we'll be whirlwinding through London -> Prague -> Berlin -> Bournemouth -> Wales

@realtoddhoward @citrustwee you dang kids. wait until I've had my coffee and paid these bills. alexa set a reminder to kick the ass's of these dangable kids

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