it's time for my favourite game, Windows or Capitalism, where we try to guess whether a statement applies to windows or capitalism

- it's obnoxiously expensive for no reason
- corporate monopolies allow the big companies to stamp out alternatives and present themselves as the only option, driving up prices to ridiculous levels
- you are constantly pressured to spend money. in fact, if you don't have money, you can't participate at all
- advertisements are a fundamental element of the system
- most people who have souls despise it, but remain complacent because "what are the alternatives? this is the way things are"
- the mere mention of the names of alternatives disgusts many people
- the people in charge don't give a shit about you

trick question!! all of these statements apply to windows AND capitalism!!!!!


@lynnesbian this sounds an awful lot like All Software And Infrastructure

AMA about the time my teasm wasn't allowed a cloud-based Active Directory replica and we had to introduce Atlassian Crowd

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@level2wizard none of it applies to linux or *BSD or mastodon or many other floss softwares :blobcatcoffee:

@lynnesbian you win this round, floss ><

*later, at the dentist*

you also win this round, floss

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