In Java what is the best way to replace `\$\{[a-z_]+\}` with actual values? I tried a couple implementations that just fall on their face.


@gudenau Have you looked at templating? Velocity and Maven both have some options for you

Or are you looking at user-style strings? There's Gotta Be A Library -- or at least, it feels like the kind of thing I would roll my own on and then find out ten minutes later somebody else wrote a way better impl

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@level2wizard I would rather not pull more libs, these are strings from metadata I am downloading from an API.

@gudenau Is this an ETL kind of job, or is this something where you can split apart the two jobs -- like download data from API, feed data to templating engine, feed that to somewhere else? Maybe make it a build process*?

* I think almost everything can be made into a build process

@level2wizard I guess? It's basically taking a list of stints and modifying a few. I got it working though.

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