It seems that most techies out there are absolutely fine with systems that lack documentation.

If you point out a severe lack of documentation to the average developer, they might agree with your observation, only to shrug it off, as if this isn't a big deal to them.

I almost get the impression that they *like* the lack of documentation, because they get to explore and mess around.

The reason I say this is that poorly documented libraries and frameworks that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole are used in a ton of projects out there. People choose to use them, while completely neglecting to quality check the documentation.

I don't like to explore and mess around. I want to get the job done. Having to struggle to figure out how a system works makes me frustrated, and I don't enjoy it at all. Actually taking pleasure from this strikes me as a form of masochism.

@thor the `fucking with shit` gene is strong in techies everywhere. If you like delivering reliable software it's awful

Enforced TDD and semantic versioning can _kind of_ help mitigate this (since you can lock down your API) but it's still tough.

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