if you're going to see a theatre show, see it on the west end. it is very good

- my new slogan


If you in London HMU, we'll be whirlwinding through London -> Prague -> Berlin -> Bournemouth -> Wales

the latest harmontown is why I continue listening to this show. yessssss

Final Europe trip preparations over the next few days. Extremely excited, terrified, wishing for more money, and basically every conceivable emotion.

And exhausted to the brink from work, so... it's definitely a good time to gtfo

on Prime is awesome, and Storm-Kremer are my favorite football broadcasters

god I hate python, DevOps automation rant Show more

Super excited to be in London Dec 11-17, Prague and Berlin afters

If you're in any of those places this month and want to meet for food, talk DevOps / TDD / software dev or meet me and spouse HMU

Software development and DevOps means every day you will feel like a crazy genius and then a crazy idiot. Sometimes simultaneously

You will also curse and thank your past self in equal measure roughly every thirty minutes

gets a lot of play for `this is fine` but I will always love The Anime Club

Take ur fuckin meds if you need to god dammit!

:promoted: Promoted

There is a way that Washington's NFL team could keep their name, and it's by changing the mascot to potatoes

broke: cryptocurrency
woke: itchy and scratchy money

sack + interception, yeah Tua definitely deserves to be a Heisman candidate </sarcasm>

Another Red River shootout for the ages, this time for the Big XII title. Gratz to OU and hopefully they punch their ticket to the playoff. Proud of my Longhorns

Watching your kid get wheeled away into surgery is apparently not a thing rational brain can prepare you for

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