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Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here:


#irc #liberachat

Celebrate with us: currently 3.500 apps are available in the F-Droid main repo, yay! 馃嵕馃嵐

I am disproportionately annoyed by various mainstream media articles about the Freenode takeover referring to Andrew Lee as "the crown prince of Korea". Korea does not *have* a crown prince. One half is a republic and the other half is a dictatorship. Andrew Lee does *call* himself that, and he may (sources differ) be distantly related to the last actual monarch of Korea (Sunjong, deposed 1910). But it's a self-proclaimed title not recognized by anyone except, apparently, lazy journalists. Feh.

We have an instance of the bot running on for usage by any public Wikimedia-related IRC channel.

If things go well (and it's actually useful), then we're going to deploy more isolated version for our private IRC channels (which would be the first instance of written-here Rust code being deployed to Wikimedia production!)

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It's probably the most stable IRC bot I've ever written, mostly because it's in so it was very easy for me to handle every potential error condition.

Also every non-trivial operation is done in its own tokio thread, so any panic doesn't take down the whole bot.

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@liberachat @eloquence

"The Wikimedia IRC group contacts have made the decision to support a move to Libera.Chat and join other open-source communities that have already moved over."

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It's official, is moving to / @liberachat

I've set up most of (still missing one bot), which, according to ChanServ, was originally created on Freenode by @eloquence on Jan 02 20:06:07 2004 (17y 20w 2d ago)!!

I'm "legoktm" on @liberachat

Looking forward to chatting with people in , , and more :)

[NickServ] Registered : Mar 15 23:13:28 2008 (13y 9w 4d ago)

joining freenode was a pretty important change in my life, got to know so many wonderful people and learned so much, it's hard to put it into words.

Sad to see it go this way but looking forward to

Wanted a change of scenery today instead of constantly working out of my room

Figured it out. Google thinks I have 5 microphones now and it initially selected the wrong one.

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Second snake we saw during the hike, the first one was tiny and slithered off before I could grab a photo.

And that's why you stay on the trail...

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Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon, CA.

Hiked the Elderberry Trail (~4 mi) and my legs are now jelly.

First responders removed a woman from a car that flipped at 19th and Harrison in Oakland, CA. A witness, who declined to be interviewed, told police that a blue truck ran the red light, hitting the car in the side, causing it to flip. The driver of the blue truck stayed at the scene.

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