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Very proud to be the only member of my pick-em league to correctly select the Football Team to beat the Steelers.

...I pressed the wrong button by accident, I really didn't mean it.

This is the first time the San Jose State University Spartans have ever been 5-0!!!*

* In 1939 we were still San Jose State College

Today is OONI's 8th birthday! 🎉 🎂 🐙

As of today, 8 years ago, the 1st OONI measurement was collected & published!

Today, 376 million measurements have been published from 21 thousand networks in 239 countries 🌍

...and that's all thanks to our AMAZING COMMUNITY! ❤️ 🥂


Did you know that SecureDrop is an open source project managed by a nonprofit organization, Freedom of the Press Foundation ( Your donations help us to make SecureDrop better & to bring it to more organizations:

The survey results are out!

Personally, I'm a bit shocked that more people would prefer as the default and not .

European Parliament Votes for Right to #Repair

In a landmark move, the European Parliament voted today to support consumers’ Right to Repair. The resolution was adopted with 395 in favour and just 94 against…

Very special thank you to @pollita and @carusogabriel, #php8 release managers, and to all the contributors who put in countless hours to make PHP 8 possible! 🥳🎉🎊🍾 #php8hype

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Also, I don't think I fully appreciated the lakes until seeing her explanation.

Skimmed through and now I can't wait to visit sometime.

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"The word hoax is another word I love because of the way it looks, it has an x." -- Taylor

I really get that. Not hoax, but liking specific words because of how the letters look.

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"Allegedly. According to the Internet, we don't really know" -- Jack, arguing with Taylor about betty 😂

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What's on Jack's jacket that they're blurring out?? A clothing brand?

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Then Aaron tries talking about a unique guitar that Taylor also recently got...and she takes over the conversation, oops.

Sooo they're really just there for the music.

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Sometimes it feels like Aaron and Jack are just listening to Taylor monologue and don't want to be there.

After listening to Taylor explain an entire plot line, Jack says, "Interesting".

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