I wrote a tutorial on how to deploy a web application on Wikimedia's platform: wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/He

It uses and demonstrates how to make queries against 's MariaDB replicas.

I'm "legoktm" on @liberachat

Looking forward to chatting with people in , , and more :)

In other news, a feature to automatically rewrite HTTP links on to HTTPS (using domains on the HSTS preload list) just landed on our beta cluster. Full production rollout coming soon.
More details: phabricator.wikimedia.org/T200

My professor and I were reviewing my script and were unsure about what to describe something as.

Prof: Let's check what your favorite website, Wikipedia, thinks it is.
Me: <uhh somewhat embarrassed I didn't check Wikipedia myself> Oh, that's a great idea!

And within 20 seconds we had totally resolved that issue.

Thanks .

We visited archeological ruins/monuments in Siracusa, Sicily (totally beautiful btw), but the official guide booklet that we paid a few euros for couldn't answer our basic questions about what we were seeing. Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia had all the answers.

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