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I wrote up a bunch of notes about why we rewrote the tarball release script:

Still a lot more things to improve for the release process, but we're heading in the right direction. I hope!

The security update has been pushed to stable after a few hiccups (thanks Moritz!):

I also pushed an update for Xenial users to my PPA:

Those packages are for 1.27, which is the older LTS version. 1.31 hit unstable today, so I'll be providing backports for it shortly!

VW code: when your code detects that it is under test, and modifies its behavior accordingly

(from -core on IRC)

New project: Road to +2

We do outreach for newcomers to development, but not really for people who fall in the middle. They're established patch contributors, but not yet maintainers.

The goal is to provide a guide and mentors on how a "middle" contributor can move up and become a maintainer with +2. This is a quick draft, edits welcome!

Preview of a project I've been working on: identifying the most valuable parts of our code to write tests for by sorting test coverage data by number of times the function is called in production.

1.30.0 is now in unstable

This is a short term transition to help test something that is close to the next LTS version: 1.31 (out in June!).

ICYMI: Between the Brackets is a new podcast by Yaron: The first episode is a interview/discussion with my MediaWiki Platform teammate Cindy Cicalese!

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