It's official, is moving to / @liberachat

I've set up most of (still missing one bot), which, according to ChanServ, was originally created on Freenode by @eloquence on Jan 02 20:06:07 2004 (17y 20w 2d ago)!!

I'm "legoktm" on @liberachat

Looking forward to chatting with people in , , and more :)

The latest security release is now in stable/buster, time to update:

Updated packages for buster-backports, bullseye and my Ubuntu PPA will be available shortly.

The latest security update is now available for users, time to apt update && apt upgrade!

Special shoutout to Reedy for coordinating and putting out today's release.

The latest security release is now available in

I also updated the packages in my PPA as well.

The newest stable release, 1.35, should be ready for unstable later today or tomorrow.

I just tagged the 1.4.0 release of uprightdiff, a utility to diff browser screenshots used for testing visual differences caused by changes to 's parser.

The new version is now officially compatible with opencv4.

New code search beta UI: - please give it a try!

Written fully in and compiled to WebAssembly. Blog post to follow soon!

Latest security release is in unstable now:

We're not planning to issue a security update for this given that it's not exploitable using the set of extensions available in Debian. It'll get bundled with the next one...

The latest security update has hit -

Only buster users need to update as stretch did not contain the vulnerable code (yay?).

End of an era, will no longer silently accept "A potato" as part of a valid timestamp:

(Don't worry, PHP will still take it!)

There's a new security release out today. 11 security issues in total, plus plenty of bug fixes.

Updated packages will be available shortly for stretch, and buster. I've already updated sid/unstable and my Ubuntu PPA:

This is the official end of upstream support for the 1.27.x LTS, but I'll be backporting patches for the entire lifetime of stretch. More details to come.

Tim is working on a new profiler for PHP, since there are issues with xhprof/tideways that really aren't worth dealing with...and that we can do better in profiling. He's written up some details on, and there's some initial code in our Gerrit.

I've done the initial Debian packaging at - my goal will be to have it in NEW by the end of the month.

I wrote up a bunch of notes about why we rewrote the tarball release script:

Still a lot more things to improve for the release process, but we're heading in the right direction. I hope!

The security update has been pushed to stable after a few hiccups (thanks Moritz!):

I also pushed an update for Xenial users to my PPA:

Those packages are for 1.27, which is the older LTS version. 1.31 hit unstable today, so I'll be providing backports for it shortly!

VW code: when your code detects that it is under test, and modifies its behavior accordingly

(from -core on IRC)

New project: Road to +2

We do outreach for newcomers to development, but not really for people who fall in the middle. They're established patch contributors, but not yet maintainers.

The goal is to provide a guide and mentors on how a "middle" contributor can move up and become a maintainer with +2. This is a quick draft, edits welcome!

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