The latest security release is now in stable/buster, time to update:

Updated packages for buster-backports, bullseye and my Ubuntu PPA will be available shortly.

The latest security update is now available for users, time to apt update && apt upgrade!

Special shoutout to Reedy for coordinating and putting out today's release.

The survey results are out!

Personally, I'm a bit shocked that more people would prefer as the default and not .

Very excited that is making a 10k USD donation to fund further PeerTube development!

"We hope this unconventional gesture from the Debian project will help us make this year somewhat less terrible and give us, and thus humanity, better Free Software tooling to approach the future."

The latest security release is now available in

I also updated the packages in my PPA as well.

The newest stable release, 1.35, should be ready for unstable later today or tomorrow.

Happy 27th birthday ! Proud to contribute to and run the free software, universal operating system that's just slightly older than me!

Roughly 3 years since I started working on it, @kiwix is set to reenter pending ftp-master review!

Proper blog post to follow if/once it's accepted.

Latest security release is in unstable now:

We're not planning to issue a security update for this given that it's not exploitable using the set of extensions available in Debian. It'll get bundled with the next one...

The latest security update has hit -

Only buster users need to update as stretch did not contain the vulnerable code (yay?).

Here's the Security Advisory:

The updated version is just a `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade` away!

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There's a new security release out today. 11 security issues in total, plus plenty of bug fixes.

Updated packages will be available shortly for stretch, and buster. I've already updated sid/unstable and my Ubuntu PPA:

This is the official end of upstream support for the 1.27.x LTS, but I'll be backporting patches for the entire lifetime of stretch. More details to come.

I posted most of my poolcounter packaging work:

There's one remaining issue with the makefile trying to build poolcounterd twice that should get fixed upstream:

The security update has been pushed to stable after a few hiccups (thanks Moritz!):

I also pushed an update for Xenial users to my PPA:

Those packages are for 1.27, which is the older LTS version. 1.31 hit unstable today, so I'll be providing backports for it shortly!

Shoutout to @0x1f1f for fixing within hours of me asking on IRC! Just waiting on the NEW queue now :)

1.30.0 is now in unstable

This is a short term transition to help test something that is close to the next LTS version: 1.31 (out in June!).

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