Today I created a demo with fully client-side PGP encryption using Rust/WebAssembly. Felt much more straightfoward than all the times I mucked around with shelling out to gpg.


Our 2021 haul! The first two rows are the free comics, the rest were all on sale.

Not pictured: a fantastic Doctor Strange poster my sister found, still needs flattening

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Took a little over 5 hours to build the LEGO Discovery Space Shuttle set plus Hubble Telescope, with help from family members. Largest set (by piece count) that we've ever done before, was a blast.

Timelapse was captured using gphoto2 and stitched with Kdenlive. Lighting is wack sorry, I probably shouldn't have left the camera on auto.

Got some henna for my cousin's wedding, drawn by my sister. It's tradition to hide the initials of your SO in it, so she added a "W" (you can guess where the puzzle piece comes from) and a Debian swirl. :)

Visited probably the coldest place in the Bay Area today (~60F with a good breeze). The only better part was hanging out with wiki-friends!

Visited Santa Monica Pier last night for the first time in at least a decade and took one of my finest photos yet. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Turns out the bus stop in Weehawken we were waiting at was the site of the Hamilton/Burr duel!

Wanted a change of scenery today instead of constantly working out of my room

Figured it out. Google thinks I have 5 microphones now and it initially selected the wrong one.

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Second snake we saw during the hike, the first one was tiny and slithered off before I could grab a photo.

And that's why you stay on the trail...

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Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon, CA.

Hiked the Elderberry Trail (~4 mi) and my legs are now jelly.

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