Figured it out. Google thinks I have 5 microphones now and it initially selected the wrong one.

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Second snake we saw during the hike, the first one was tiny and slithered off before I could grab a photo.

And that's why you stay on the trail...

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Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon, CA.

Hiked the Elderberry Trail (~4 mi) and my legs are now jelly.

First responders removed a woman from a car that flipped at 19th and Harrison in Oakland, CA. A witness, who declined to be interviewed, told police that a blue truck ran the red light, hitting the car in the side, causing it to flip. The driver of the blue truck stayed at the scene.

WandaVision spoilers, Wikipedia pageviews 

Pageviews on the "Ship of Theseus" article have been sitting at ~1,000/day until dramatically shooting up 40x when mentioned by The Vision in the WandaVision season finale!

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