I feel personally attacked by Politico repeatedly describing Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune as primarily watched by old people.


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Final results. I got bingo on Tuesday night, and then didn't get to check off anything more on Wednesday.

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Then you need to click through to a disambiguation page (see chart) to discover there are 5 other albums named before you can make it to the one.

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Page views of "folklore" on English Wikipedia (the page about actual folklore, not the album)

It still feels a little magical, having run client-side. But I love it.

the outside 

I would like to report back that it still exists.

My first outing in about a month, took a drive through Big Basin State Park with the family. A good reminder of all the stuff I want to do post-COVID.

What does it take to put together a special issue in a student newspaper? I broke down our award-winning issue from October: blog.legoktm.com/2020/04/07/in

Things that are inevitable in life: taxes, death, and useless GitHub security notifications.

Self-care tip from in NYC: "Every night, go online to Facebook, and unfriend people on their birthday. Very therapeutic."

How many legs does a horse have? Google thinks the answer is six.

Good job Wikipedia?

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