Self-care tip from in NYC: "Every night, go online to Facebook, and unfriend people on their birthday. Very therapeutic."

How many legs does a horse have? Google thinks the answer is six.

Good job Wikipedia?

Our website is still GDPR blocked :( so here's a screenshot...

Its the final day of all hands and *some* people would rather be at

I came home at midnight last night, but both of my news stories made it on the front page, above the fold! Reporting is fun.

Here's the full softball story that I wrote:

Do you ever have those days where you have a plan of what you want to do but it gets thrown away because of a critical apt vulnerability and then you have to remember all the Debian systems you're responsible for, plus all the docker images that you use?

Anyways, here's the plate of nachos I made myself to cheer up.

Going to hear CNN's Jim Acosta speak at Hammer Theater! Definitely an interesting time...

The thumbtack is my face.

(You can even see my I love Free Software shirt!)

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