I am running for the WMF Board: voting will open in a few hours and be open until Sept. 6.

Best way to support me is:
* Vote at <>
* Rank me first.
* Reach out to 5 other Wikimedians you know, and get them to vote as well.

Information about my candidacy and links to all relevant materials can be found at <>.


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1,018 votes were cast in the first day of WMF Board voting, was one of those yours? Turnout is slightly down from last year (1,071), so make sure you vote, and encourage others to do so as well! Direct link to vote:

In the election, there were 402 votes cast yesterday, up from the 303 votes cast on Day 2 last year!

Overall 1,414 votes cast in total, slightly up from 1,374 at this point last year.

If you've already voted, talk to 5 other Wikimedians and tell them to vote. And if you haven't voted yet.. here's the link:

Day 3 of the election 🚨: only 210 votes were cast today, compared to 1,038 last year. We're currently at a total of 1,618 votes, significantly down from 2,412 at the same point last year.

Go vote!

Email notifications for (most) eligible voters in the election went out yesterday and there was a pretty significant corresponding bump in turnout!

1,238 votes were cast, for a total of 2,822, slightly above 2,726 at this point last year.

If you haven't voted yet,

Calling , and developers, you're most likely eligible to vote in the election!

First, visit <> and see if you're already on the list. If not, check out <> and if you see your name, follow the instructions to get added to the voter list!

This is "The most important election on the internet" - don't miss out!

Five days left in voting!! Don't wait until the last minute to get your ballot in. Even if you haven't fully decided, you can always update your ballot until voting closes.


There's only a few days left to vote in the Election. Last year's election was decided by TWELVE votes, you don't want to miss out.

* List of candidates:
* Voting link:

We're getting down to the wire, less than 3 days to vote in the Election! If you've been procrastinating, NOW is the time to get your vote in:

Voted? Have a cool new profile picture designed by Seddon:

I promise this will be the last post from me about voting in the election, because there's only 22 hours left!

1. Read about the candidates:
2. Vote:
3. Tell other people to vote!


I almost forgot about the election. Fortunately, i got this email notification and start voting immediately.

@legoktm Good luck with the elections. We clearly need more software developer representation on the board to advance this movement further. :)


By "decided by twelve votes", I guess you mean 1189 - 1177 = 12 for Losa vs Yao in the 18th round of vote transfers? Their ordering jumps back and forth a lot during the transfer rounds. Given the algorithm, with transferring the least popular candidates' votes, and elected candidates' surplus votes, it seems like the final round margins between the finally elected candidates might tend to be small.

But if the "only twelve" soundbite encourages the voting public, it can't hurt. :)

@boud @legoktm I think it's a rather correct statement. Yes, the redistribution of the excess votes means that at the end everyone is pretty close, so that the "vote waste" is minimised, but steps 16–18 made little difference. What really mattered is that in step 15, after Mike got eliminated, Lorenzo got twice as many votes as Eliane. If ~20 more Mike voters had ranked Eliane over Lorenzo, Eliane would have won.

@nemobis @boud indeed, what Nemo said :) I haven't done any complex math, but my understanding is that if about 12 voters switched their ranking a different candidate would've been elected.

While we're on the topic, the 2019 election was decided by *one* vote:

...but that was an Affiliate election, with only 122 votes, so it's not directly comparable to the current election. But still shows how close things can be and reinforces that every vote really does matter.

@legoktm - one of my biggest regrets when I was working on SMIL with other W3C members was telling the blind person in our working group there that double-speed playback was a "nice to have" and not a necessity (since I knew convincing the devs at RNWK to implement it would be next to impossible). These days, I don't have time to listen to WMF Board candidates at normal speed. I'll consider making an informed vote, though...

@robla Hi robla!!!

Yeah, the video player on Commons finally got a big overhaul (now videojs based) so I think it's actually possible for us to add features like 2x speed, etc.

It's not well advertised, but there are also transcripts of the videos so you can read at your own pace:

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