uspol, nyc protest 

Posted my freely licensed photos from today's abortion protest in Foley Square at

Added to - we'll see if it lasts (the profanity might be too inflammatory? idk).

First time I've used Signal to blur faces for Commons, need to find a different tool (probably GIMP I assume?) that doesn't strip metadata/reduce quality for the future.

re: uspol, nyc protest 

@legoktm I saw the discussion on the talk page, I didn't think the profanity was objectionable but I also don't have a strong preference of which image to use so we'll see what other editors decide

uspol, nyc protest 

@legoktm Yeah, ellipse select and then Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur would be fairly quick and easy. Make sure to use a size of at least 50. Pixelize with a large width would also work well, and you can also use Noise > Hurl for added randomness.

Of course, the most privacy-protective way to remove faces is to just paint them a solid color.

uspol, nyc protest 

@anticomposite thanks!

Do you know if it's already possible to un-redact gaussian blurs? Or is it more future proofing to just use a solid color?

uspol, nyc protest 

@legoktm To a point. The larger the size, the less information retained in the image and the harder it is to get information back out. But with only slight blurring, it is certainly possible to reverse a Gaussian blur.

Adding Hurl after blurring helps by adding extra noise to the deconvolution process that can't be easily filtered out. I've seen people use only Hurl to obscure faces, but it's a bad idea. The obscuration disappears at thumbnail sizes.

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